3 Benefits of Drinking Tonic Water

    If you enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, you might be familiar with mixing your favorite drink with a tonic to create a fantastic cocktail. On the surface, tonic water mixed with liquor may sound like another menu on the bar. However, there is a lot that tonic water has to offer than just being an add-on.

    Aside from hyping your drink, tonic water has been used to alleviate or reduce the chances of certain medical conditions in earlier times up to the present. That being said, the tonic water market has significantly grown and is forecasted to grow continuously over the years. Stay where you are if you want to know more about tonic water and its benefits. Now, let us dive in and start with the basics.

    What is Tonic Water?

    Tonic water is categorized as a carbonated drink with a bitter taste and is often used when preparing liquors or coffees. It is sometimes made with carbonated water, sugar, Quinine, and flavorings. 

    You may understand what carbonated water and sugar are for, but you might wonder what ingredient Quinine is and why it is included. Quinine is the ingredient that mainly contributes to the bitter flavor of the drink. Quinine is a compound from the bark of the Cinchona tree.

    In recent times, the demand for tonic water has been increasing. There are various brands with diverse twists included that are racing to the market to sell. So, if you decide to try tonic water, check out tonic water Australia, the crowd’s favorite in the country, and look for the drinks that suit you best.

    What’s Good about Tonic Water?

    After familiarizing yourself with tonic water, now is the time to know how well-rounded this drink can get. Let us discuss the benefits that you may get from drinking tonic water.

    1. Includes Components that may Fight Malaria

    Quinine, an ingredient in tonic water, has been actively used to combat Malaria. Until today, many nations are still using Quinine to ease medical conditions. 

    Four human-infecting malaria parasites are Plasmodium Falciparum, Plasmodium Vivax, Plasmodium Ovale, and Plasmodium Malariae. And the likelihood of being infected with Malaria is getting bitten by a female Anopheles mosquito infected with the parasites. Since Quinine is known to exterminate the ability of the parasites to reproduce, using it to combat the disease has come to light.

    But note that tonic water only has a little portion of Quinine. Due to the small dosage, tonic water does not necessarily cure Malaria.

    2. Contains Antipyretic Properties

    Since tonic water is mixed with quinine compounds, people have tried it to reduce temperature. It was seen that rich-quinine tonic waters have anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate fever.

    Supplementarily, it is believed that taking tonic water with acetaminophen may result in faster effectiveness in lowering fever temperature. However, proper consultation with professionals is still a better way to go.

    3. May Provide Relief to Restless Leg Syndrome

    If you are constantly experiencing leg cramps at night, you know the pain and struggle it can bring. As Quinine is a major component in tonic water, some believe using it to relieve leg cramps is effective with controlled dosage.

    Even so, the impact may only be minimal and does not necessarily treat the condition. A small dosage to impact a bit does not mean you have to take on higher dosages. Quinine toxicity still has adverse effects that may trigger harmful effects on health.

    Keep this in Mind!

    Drinking tonic water is seen as a refreshment and a source of medication. But everything must be done in moderation and with precaution, especially when discussing health matters. There can be advantages, but tonic water consumption with high quinine dosage certainly entails disadvantages.

    Still, the safest action is to seek medical attention from professionals for accurate diagnosis and appropriate medication.


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