5 Different Types of Glassware All Men Should Own

    A bigger percentage of grown-up men have visited a bar at one point in their lives. If you ask any man who goes to the bar, they will tell you that they have seen different glassware with different styles of glasses used for different drinks.

    If you want a fancy, casual, short, or tall cocktail, for instance, you will find a glass to meet your requirements. Hot cocktails, martinis, and margaritas also have their collection of glasses. Some of these glasses are must-haves while others are not.

    Well, the good news for men is that they do not need all the glasses that they see when they visit bars. Even though most drinks require a certain type of glass, it is not a must. Here are a few different types of glassware all men should own;

    Champagne Glasses

    Champagne is one of the most popular and opulent drinks we have today. Not unless you are financially stable, you cannot enjoy a glass of champagne every day. That notwithstanding, champagne glasses are good for men who enjoy champagne from time to time.

    They come in different shapes. When investing in these glasses, look for those that come in sets of four or eight glasses. This will, however, be dictated by the number of people you tend to host during your champagne parties.

    There are different types of champagne glasses. Some of the most common ones include champagne tulip, champagne flute, and champagne saucer.

    Shot Glasses

    This is one of the most famous glasses for those who take shots in bars. They are also important for men who take hard liquor from home. Shot glasses come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. 

    Most shot glasses are capable of holding shots of liquor mixed with shooters. They can also be used as jiggers, especially when measuring the ingredients used in the preparation of different drinks. This is an important glass to keep at home for men.

    Most shot glasses are one and a half ounces while a pony shot is about one ounce. You will, however, find shot glasses that can hold up to two ounces. You can use shot glasses at home when drinking with friends or mixing different ingredients.

    Cocktail Glasses

    This is another popular glass among most people. It is also referred to as a martini glass because of its conical shape. Martini is one of the most popular drinks that are served using cocktail glasses.

    Looking at this Untappd’s guide to cocktail glasses, you will realize that cocktail glasses are used when serving drinks taking between three and six ounces of volume. Most of these drinks are served without ice.

    The drinks might include martini cocktails such as classic cocktails and cosmopolitan drinks. If you need margarita glasses but do not have them, then you can use cocktail glasses in their place. These glasses come in fun stem, painted, and frosted shapes.

    Rocks Glasses

    Rocks glasses are also known as old-fashioned glasses. They look like a short tumbler that comes with a thick bottom. This shape has given these glasses another name – lowball – in some quarters. They are among the things you should consider when buying whiskey for important occasions.

    Rocks glasses are common when taking mixed short drinks such as the popular old-fashioned drinks that are served with ice cubes. However, not every other drink that is served in rocks glasses requires ice cubes.

    These glasses can hold drinks between six and eight ounces in volume. You can find their bigger counterparts that hold double the volume as them. The larger rocks glasses are used when serving mixed drinks, a straight pour of alcohol, or the white Russian.

    Collins and Highball Glasses

    Collins and highball or hi-ball glasses are quite similar. You can use them interchangeably when taking tall drinks. They also hold the same volume of drink, which can be between eight to sixteen ounces.

    Since they are similar in shape, it gets challenging for most men to differentiate between these glasses. While the highball glass comes with more stout, the collins glass is a little bit narrower and taller. It looks more like a chimney.

    Tall glasses are very important for men at home. You can use them when taking tall drinks – commonly referred to as highballs. This can be something like a shot of alcohol mixed with soda or juice. However, despite the size, you do not fill these glasses when drinking from them.

    As a man, you might find it difficult to choose the right types of glasses for your house. However, this list should make things simple for you.


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