Types of Blazer Styles for Men

    A blazer is among the items that should be in the closet of just about every guy; it is both an absolute necessity and an essential. It is more laid-back than a suit coat but more sophisticated than a sport coat, even though it has thicker material and a loose fit than a traditional denim jacket.

    In addition, in contrast to a suit, which must be used in its entirety, a blazer is versatile and may be combined with a variety of various tops and bottoms. Men need to be aware of the myriad of design options that are available to them in the form of blazers. The following is a rundown blazers types that you may potentially incorporate into your wardrobe.

    1. Regular

    The greatest choice for you would be a blazer with a regular fit if you have broad shoulders and dislike having your clothing be overly constricting. You’ll be comfortable zipping up the blazer without having to hold too much air in, and you will be ready to layer it over sweaters when it’s cold outside because it has a more loose cut than that of the thin and slender styles.

    2. Slim

    Form-fitting blazers are an excellent option for all of the men who have an athletic build because they will appear more streamlined than inseam-length models. They are tailored to have slimmer shoulders and chests, which results in a more sleek silhouette that is suitable for ensembles that are on the cutting edge of fashion. A blazer with a slimmer cut will, in most cases, provide the wearer with the most pleasing overall appearance.

    3. Skinny

    Although it has been available for only a few years, the thin fit is widely considered as the most current cut. When you do not have a thin form, you should not choose this style since the blazer will make it difficult for you to extend your shoulders and appear to be several sizes smaller on you. Either over trousers or jeans, a blazer with a narrow fit can look fantastic if you have the kind of physique that can pull it off successfully.

    4. Single Breasted Blazer

    This is a classic style that looks good on a wide variety of body types and ought to be the go-to option for styling blazers. Single-breasted blazers often have two to three icons, and it’s simple to keep them undone for a less formal appearance. You’ll typically find these numbers.

    5. Double Breasted Blazer

    The double-breasted blazer, which was extremely popular throughout the 1980s and it, has finally started to see a resurgence in its appeal, which you can see from the likes of XposedLondon’s double breasted blazers. If you like to keep your blazers unbuttoned, you shouldn’t bother with this design because it requires you to keep the jacket zipped up for it to look right. When covered up, double-breasted blazers are quite attractive for most body types. Still, they are particularly useful for people holding a few extra lbs because that weight may be hidden behind the jacket.

    After determining which cut and silhouette complement your figure the most, the next step is to select the material for the blazer, depending on the occasion for which you intend to wear it. The basic solution is to divide the year in half. You should steer clear of woolen blazers during hotter seasons and opt for ones made from cotton or flax.

    It is essential to select an organic fabric since, in comparison to polyester, it allows for more excellent airflow, hence reducing the amount of perspiration produced by the wearer. Due to the absence of additional layers, you have the luxury of choosing a more tailored cut for your blazer if you intend to use it with a tee or t-shirt throughout the summertime.


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