Tips to Always Have a Classy Touch On Your Outfit

    Do you want to look mature, classy, and sophisticated, even when you are dressed in your most casual? If you are over the age of twenty-one, you probably do. But, how do you achieve that element of sharpness in your everyday wardrobe? It’s actually really easy. 

    Here are six simple tips to add that classy touch you need:

    Step up your shirts

    You can still wear jeans or shorts and easily class them up with the right shirt on top. Plaid, patterned, and striped shirts, especially those with a collar, are definite must-haves for the male wardrobe. The semi-dressy types are essential for occasions that do not quite check the “formal” box, but still require a touch of class.

    Polos are also a preferable alternative to the graphic tees worn by the teenage crowd. They are casual, yet mature. However, if you do choose to rock a tee shirt, that is okay, too. Ray Swanson from shares that although there is a trend for adult men to dress more casually, there are still men’s t-shirt options that are classy. Just be sure to get a solid-colored one or one with an understated print. If you are attempting a more sophisticated look, pair it with khakis instead of the typical jeans.

    Be more choosy with your pants

    Shorts can be worn, but like any other clothing item, there is a time and a place that is appropriate for them. They may be great for your sister’s backyard family barbecue, but not so hot at her daughter’s wedding.

    For many men, their go-to choice of casual bottoms is a comfortable pair of jeans, and jeans can be classy, as long as they abide by a few simple rules. First of all, avoid baggy choices at all costs. They are not sophisticated and after you reach a certain age they are no longer appealing. Appropriately-fitting denim should actually stay up and around your waist without the help of a belt.

    Jeans should also fit correctly around the ankles with minimal pooling. With the exception of boot cut jeans, excess material around the ankles does not look especially-good. Another way to dignify your denim collection is to avoid embellishments such as tears, holes, distress, bleaching, and logos in non-discreet places.

    So, with jeans, you should always invest in good, dressy pair that is still comfortable enough to be worn everyday (though you shouldn’t, of course). Just be simple about what you choose. Dark blue denim is always a winner, and this is especially true if the jeans have a slim fit for them. If you are the slightest bit husky, however, you may prefer a straight fit, because it will be much more flattering, making it a classier option.

    Don’t forget khakis! They are still the epitome of sophistication for the casual male, and their neutral colors are perfect for matching almost any shirt or top you pair them with. You can actually have several pairs in your closet in different hues. Just don’t attempt flamboyant colors like hot pink or lime green, though, as those are tacky. Simply stick with gray, camel, black, and navy blue.

    Always add accessories

    A leather wrap bracelet, either by itself, or with a few beads strung on it, makes a great accessory that is attention-grabbing, yet understated enough to keep you from looking like you are trying too hard. However, if really want to look sharp, a gold watch can turn even the most mundane ensemble around.

    If you are considering suiting up, but you aren’t really used to being so formal, remember cufflinks are a must. Adding a set is the number one way to personalize any everyday suit. Another thing to consider are your ties. You should have a wide variety of colors and patterns so you have one to match every shirt.

    Do you wear eyeglasses? Many men feel that thinner or non-existent rims are much more classy, but the truth is that they are more likely to break and that can get expensive over the long run. Speak with your ophthalmologist about getting a thicker, but not too thick, frame.

    Select the right shoes and socks

    Men need to step away from running shoes when they are trying to dress up. However, you won’t need to invest in luxury-branded shoes to look polished. You just need a couple of pairs of pointed and laced leather shoes in a few neutral, dark shades that are sure to match as much of your wardrobe as possible.

    And, dress shoes are not the only dignified choice. Another viable alternative to the sneaker is the desert boot. They tow the line between athletic shoes and dressier shoes, making them also a great pick. Look for quality, but also the right amount of comfort. You don’t want to suffer in the name of fashion.

    Also, instead of wearing sporty socks, or those that only rise to your ankles, try fancier footwear made from either wool, cashmere, or cotton that cover your shins appropriately.

    Just a jacket, not a full suit

    A jacket can be worn even in situations where a suit is not warranted. After all, you can dress casual with a flashy edge as well. The look is called “smart casual,” and, nothing makes a man look sharper than a well-fit blazer.

    Blazers frame the masculine form better than nearly any other garment, and they dress up even the simplest outfit, whether it’s a tee shirt and jeans or a polo and khakis. You can also try layering with a blazer and more than one tee shirt, or with a tailored shirt, pullover sweater, and a pseudo-suit jacket.

    However, if you do need a suit, you can up the class quotient immediately by ensuring that it is well-tailored to your size. Also, be sure to purchase them in basic colors like navy or gray.

    Look for fabulous fabric

    Purchasing the greater part of your wardrobe in quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, and wool can dress up any simple silhouette. They also frame the body in such a way that it will appear more masculine and muscular. They also will help you to look more mature, and that is the essential key to looking sharp.

    In conclusion, you should try to buy clothes that look great year-round, meaning only timeless, classic pieces. Then you can simply add minor elements to complete those outfits and create sharp, sophisticated styles. Just remember, the major trick to adding a classy touch to your look is to make sure that you do not look overdone by blindly following trends meant for the younger crowd.


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