The Reasons Why Men Attend Cosmetology Schools

    They Might Surprise You!

    Set aside the old stereotype that only chatty young women attend cosmetology school! Do a Google search of “cosmetology school near me,” and pay it a visit! We bet you’ll see a variety of students taking courses and practicing hands-on skills, including lots of men looking to break into the beauty industry.

    In fact, many great achievements in the industry were reached by men; Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, and Jheri Redding are names that may immediately come to mind.

    Men who choose to attend cosmetology school do it for a variety of reasons:

    • Seeking a rewarding, people-focused career
    • Like to help others
    • Looking for creative outlets
    • Have an interest in the industry
    • Employment opportunities for barbers are increasing 

    They’re Seeking a Rewarding, People-Oriented Career

    Men who thrive in settings where they get to interact with people might just love that aspect of cosmetology, where you get to talk to numerous clients and coworkers every day, building relationships with each of them.

    But why is cosmetology rewarding for people-lovers? Because you get to see the results of your hard work immediately and feel energized and happy when clients are satisfied with their new look. 

    They Like to Help Others

    Cosmetologists do so much more than cut and color hair or perform manicures. Although the skills they learn in cosmetology school are focused on these things, they also are responsible for helping others.

    Cosmetologists help people feel good about their appearance. They also serve as sounding boards for life’s stresses, taking on almost a therapist role, by listening to their clients as they vent about their day.

    Men who find their purpose in life for helping people may discover that cosmetology school helps prepare them for a career in helping people in less traditional ways than nursing, massage, emergency services, and more.

    They’re Looking for a Creative Career

    Cosmetology school teaches you the techniques used to achieve the latest looks in hair and makeup. But it’s up to you to apply those techniques and create a true work of art.

    Men who seek a creative outlet in their careers may find that cosmetology fulfills that desire. And not only is cosmetology a visually-creative career, but it’s also one that requires creative problem-solving as you work with clients to find ways to improve the health of their hair, design up-dos based on client inspiration, and work side-by-side with a diverse colleague and client group.

    Men Cosmetology School

    They Have a Keen Interest in the Beauty Industry

    Yes, even men – or any gender, really! – can become interested in the beauty industry. After all, it’s an exciting one to be in, with so many related offshoots and opportunity for growth.

    Runway fashion, magazines and other forms of journalism, hair styling, coloring, make-up application, and more all rely on trained cosmetologists to get the job done with a professional eye. With so many chances to make their mark in their career, of course men will look to the beauty industry to see how they could play a role in influencing the latest trends or helping people participate in them, or educating people on how to best take care of their hair and nails.

    Employment Projections for Barbers is On the Rise

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections Program, this country anticipates a 7 percent increase in employment of barbers through 2029. Total growth of all occupations is just 4 percent, so becoming a barber could be a smart move.

    Of course, students learn so much more than barbering in cosmetology school, and men who attend don’t necessarily need to work in a barber shop, specifically.

    Head to Beauty School with Confidence!

    If you’re a man who’s breaking stereotypes with your interest in cosmetology, don’t hesitate to sign up for beauty school. The world needs more talented hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail care experts, and you might be the next big thing.


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