Dress For Lady Luck: Style Advice For Classy Gamblers

    Lady Luck is an elusive mistress – every gambler searches for her, but some never find her and many of those who do lock eyes with her enjoy only a fleeting dalliance. 

    If truth be told, there’s one great truism about luck in gambling – you have to make your own and give up hope of it being handed to you by Lady Luck. 

    Style plays a part in luck. How? I’ve explained below by picking two key examples that are simple for you to apply when you’re gambling. 


    Put on a suit to look like a really classy high-roller

    Unless you’ve lived an unfortunate life (one that saw your ma or pa take you to the casino with you), your first introduction to gambling likely came from TV shows or films. Whether it’s on the small or big screen, gambling is often depicted as the lifestyle of high-rollers – these are classy people and if you want to ape that style you can’t go wrong with a suit. 

    The reason that wearing a suit has such a positive influence on your luck is that it makes other people sit up and take notice of you – treating you like a serious player and giving you the self-belief to play your best game. There are many ways you should wear a suit and plenty of ways you shouldn’t. How you decide to wear yours depends on the sort of class you wish to project. Players can also do this when they’re playing on a social poker app by putting up an avatar with a stylish suit. 

    For example, if you want to have an understated sheen, then you might want to mirror the look modeled by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. However, if you want to turn the volume up on your class (so that everyone pays attention to you) then you may choose to opt for William H. Macy’s style in The Cooler – a white suit.

    Style is about how confidently you wear your clothes 

    You might have the sleekest wardrobe in Vegas, but it won’t mean a damn thing if you wear it in the wrong way. What’s the right way? With confidence. But how can you wear your clothes with confidence when you’re gambling? By knowing the games you’re playing inside out, so that you can sit down on any casino chair and be certain that you can bet with confidence. 

    Practice makes perfect when it comes to knowing how to play the games you wish to try your gambling hand at. You can practice at a top-rated online casino, as here you’ll find all the games you need to play. A review from Online Casinos looked at Mr Green and found that the casino offers poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and plenty more. 

    Of course, practice isn’t only about playing the games – you also need to study them and there’s no better way of studying than by learning from the masters. Alec Torelli has won over $1.5 million from playing poker tournaments and in the video below he talks about the importance of confidence in poker: 

    There you have it, my style advice to give you a little more luck when you’re gambling boils down to two things – self-belief and confidence. And why are these two things so important? Because instead of chasing Lady Luck you should make your own, and self-belief and confidence are the best tools for doing it. 


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