Practical Style Tips for Guys to Look Better in College

    Who doesn’t want to be trendy and fashionable? Undoubtedly, it’s a great desire, which means that you care about your appearance. As usual, college girls are concerned about trends, but what about boys? They also want to look stylish and attractive. Nowadays, more and more guys start following fashion trends to look great and provide a great impression on others. If you are a college student and want to know how to look better, grab some astonishing style tips down below. 

    Check Fashion Magazines Regularly

    What is the first association with the word ‘fashion’? It’s bright magazines with samples of trendy looks. These magazines are not only filled with good pictures for advertising. They are also super helpful assistants for those who can show you modern trends. 

    For today, there are a lot of magazines online which will not cost you anything. Check them regularly and grab inspiration there. Feel free to spend one or two evenings a week, reading new editions of trendy managing. If you’re a student who always experiences a lack of time, pay people to do your homework online. In case none of your friends can help you write a top-grade essay, surf the Internet and find the most reliable paper writing company and make an order.

    Follow Fashion Blogs on Instagram

    Thanks to social media, every single person can become closer to the world of fashion. Millions of famous designers, celebrities, and models share their brilliant shots and style tips on Instagram. 

    There is nothing complicated to follow popular bloggers. Also, it’s free so that every college student can take examples there. Try to find a person with similar hair color, height, and shape to you and hit the Follow button. It will help you pick outfits according to appearance and grab new style ideas by scrolling a feed on your smartphone. 

    Pick Trendy, but Comfortable Clothes

    To look trendy is important, but what about comfort? If you find fashionable clothes and shoes that are too small or made from cheap uncomfortable fabric, they will never bring you self-confidence. You must always remember about your sensations and choose outfits that provide maximum comfort. 

    Pay Attention to Shoes 

    You may wear a budget and simple clothes, but never cheap and low-quality shoes. Also, you must always choose a pair of shoes according to your style. For instance, if you dress casually, prefer classic shoes instead of sportive sneakers. The same thing with a sporty fashion style, it will look kind of weird to wear loafers with a tracksuit. 

    Always Dress Tidy

    Trendy clothes and shoes are doubtlessly cool, but there is one thing that can destroy a good visual impression. It lies in dirty or disheveled stuff. Remember, rule number one is wearing only clean and good-smelled clothes. 

    For sure, it requires a lot of time to keep your clothes in good condition. Therefore, if you’re a busy student, you may start thinking, “Is there a website where I can order essay online?”, do not hesitate to order papers online. Consequently, experienced writers will create top-grade papers and free your schedule. 

    Never Buy Cheap Accessories

    Remember, accessories are super essential if you care about your style. Unfortunately, cheap and low-quality belts, backpacks, or hats can ruin your attractiveness. As usual, people pay attention to details, that’s why trendy accessories are extremely important. If you don’t have a lot of money to purchase expensive things, you always may go to outlets and catch a good discount. 

    Experiment with Different Styles 

    The way of finding your style may last long. Nobody tells you that it’s easy. There is only one method to define what fits you. It lies in regular experiments with styles. One effective way is to try different styles. You may simply visit any store and try clothes on you. Spend some hours discovering stores or outlets and never afraid to try something new and extraordinary. 

    Use Good Fragrances

    Not only clothes may express you, but also your smell and fragrances. Unfortunately, some men adore using a lot of cheap and strong colognes that simply scare away all people around. Always remember about measures and use nice and delicate perfume.

    Some perfumes can be extremely expensive. Therefore, if you decide to find a side-hustle to earn extra money, make sure it won’t affect your studying negatively. 

    Final Words

    As you saw, becoming fashionable and trendy is not that difficult. Note, it’s impossible to be born with good taste. It comes with years of experience. Also, never forget about your shape and try to keep yourself fit.


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