Liven up Your Look- 6 Stylish Accessories for the Office

    As we gradually return to office life in 2021, it’s a great time to update your look. Here are 6 hacks to get you started!


    Good glasses can elevate an outfit. If you don’t need prescription glasses, don’t be tempted to go for fake ones – they look weird.  Consider your facial shape when choosing eyewear; rounder faces suit glasses that are more rectangular, and faces with sharp features, such as a masculine jawline, can more easily wear round glasses.  To add an unexpected touch of color to classic black or tortoiseshell frames,  slip on some colored ear grips.


    Even if your office is quite casual, the right tie will elevate your look.  Opt for the classic silk tie, with a simple gold or silver clip, for formal business meetings. Otherwise, try a narrow bow and experiment with rougher textures (such as wool knits) and eye-catching patterns. 


    Belts are often overlooked but can be essential in completing an outfit.  If you’re going for a formal look, match your shoes and belt.  For a more casual ensemble, mismatched shades work better, as matching too closely can look a bit weird. If you want a relaxed style, ditch the leather and consider a webbed or knotted belt.

    Man walking holding brown leather bag


    Somehow, nothing looks as good as a classic timepiece on the wrist. It doesn’t matter if it’s worn with a pristine white shirt or a colorful polo shirt – a good watch is the ultimate masculine accessory.  Unless your skeleton watch is vintage or a great brand, a plain face is the most stylish.  Match a leather strap to your belt, and keep metal straps simple and unadorned in gold, silver, or brushed steel. If you have a budget, here is a list at SenseOrient which has narrowed down 20 best men’s watches under $1,000 for your reference.


    Although it’s hidden most of the time, each time you take out your wallet you’re making a style statement.  Go for leather – the color can be black or natural, as you prefer. Don’t be concerned about matching your wallet with your other leathers – that will seem like you’re trying too hard. 

    To look good, the key is to keep your wallet slim. A bulky wallet looks disorganized and will distort the line of your jacket or pants.  Empty any coins and store them separately. Most importantly, remove all receipts, scraps of paper etc – the aim is to have it lie flat against your body. 


    If you regularly need to carry your mobile devices or papers around with you, a stylish and practical bag is an essential accessory.  Choose a good-quality leather design, in black or natural leather. A roomy messenger bag, with its cross-body strap, which you can casually swing over your head is a stylish option. 

    A large leather satchel, worn on the back can also look great – but may not be as secure, so it depends where and how you’re going to use it. These days, briefcases can seem too heavy and formal, but if you choose to carry one, go for the best quality leather you can afford, and make sure it has a shoulder or cross-body strap so you can keep your hands free when you’re using it.


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