How to Wear Men’s Suede Loafers?

    Loafers are slip-on men’s shoes that gained their greatest popularity in the 1940s and 1950s, especially among American students. Nowadays, they are coming back into fashion again and are extremely popular, also in the world of artists and celebrities.

    Contrary to expectations, similar to women, men are paying more and more attention to their clothes. In order to look fashionable and stylish, they like to experiment with their image. An interesting solution to highlight your style is choosing original shoes, such as suede loafers. Find out how to wear them so that you can feel unique.

    What is the difference between loafers and moccasins?

    Before buying loafers, it is worth learning how they differ from moccasins, with which they are very often confused. Despite many similarities, these are two different types of footwear. The main characteristic is the material from which the shoes are made. The upper of loafers is made of one type of leather (e.g. suede), while the sole is made of a completely different one. The stitching on the toe cap has only a decorative function, while in moccasins it is an element connecting the lower and upper part of the shoe. In addition, loafers have a small heel, which gives them a slight touch of elegance.

    Suede loafers are the latest fashion trend that is increasingly gaining a lot of followers. Italians are particularly fond of these shoes, treating them as multi-seasonal footwear. Although it is a typical summer design, in countries with hot climates they are suitable all year round. The shoes can be worn with either regular or thin invisible socks, as well as bare feet, although in the past this trend would have been considered a fashion blunder. Suede loafers suit practically everyone – regardless of age or position. If you’re looking for the most fashionable loafer sneakers, check out Marc Nolan’s website, where you can find a wide range of men’s loafers in various styles.

    The big comeback of suede loafers

    Ever since loafers made their way to the top, the whole world has been captivated by them. It is thanks to the actor Cary Grant and British Prince Edward VIII, who popularized this model of shoes in the 1940s. The suede version was appreciated only after some time. Although today they are the domain of casual fashion, they can be successfully used also in other outfits. Men who like elegance and at the same time want to keep it casual and loose, can match suede loafers with navy blue chinos and a white shirt made of an airy weave. You can also match it with an ash checkered vest with half lining which will be perfect for summer.

    Suede loafers look great with dark jeans and an elegant top. You can pair them with a double-breasted blazer of the same color, a burgundy pocket square and a contrasting tie. Match it with a white shirt which will serve as a base for the whole outfit. This way you can create a cohesive yet slightly wild look. Wear suede loafers with light cotton pants and a brown or khaki colored jacket. A linen shirt in shades of blue will be a perfect complement. This model should also be matched with grey or brown chinos and a sweater with a V-neck, e.g. in maroon color. Emphasize your outfit with subtle accessories such as a watch and a leather belt.

    Suede loafers – the best choice for summer

    Men in suede loafers are becoming a more common sight on the streets in every corner of the world. Although the first models were made in the mid 1930s, their unique character has made them survive every fashion revolution. Today, they are a symbol of good taste and class. However, it is worth remembering that this is a typically casual model which is unlikely to go well with highly formal outfits. Men’s suede loafers are a perfect choice for hot days when feet often sweat and need rest. You can pair them with shorts to match the preppy style popular in the 50s.

    Suede loafers usually come in beige and brown colors, typically with a black or white sole. This is quite a classic and universal combination, which allows you to truly play with style. In summer, this model of shoes will look great in a duet with a linen, informal suit, for example in white, blue or ecru color. In such an outfit, you can go on a romantic date on the beach, as well as to the exhibition in an art gallery. More daring men can combine suede loafers with colorful chinos and a sporty T-shirt.


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