How to Accessorize: A Man’s Guide

    Dressing well is important. It should be a major part of any guy’s life. However, not many men are keen on it. They especially don’t know how to accessorize. We’ve remedied this issue by discussing the best accessorizing tips you’d need. 

    Go Feminine 

    Gone are the days where men can’t switch it up. These days, it’s applauded when guys accept their feminine side. This is being pushed to the mainstream. You’ll see men’s clothing in fashion shows have more feminine designs

    Of course, you might not be ready to embrace this yet. You might be ready to wear rings, bracelets, and necklaces, though. 

    They’re viewed as more “feminine”, but you’ll see fashionable men flaunting bracelets, and especially necklaces. They help you stand out, which is what you want. 

    When choosing a piece for your outfit, get something dainty. Jewelry can be too attention-grabbing, which would drown your outfit out. You can’t go wrong with something muted. There’s a multitude of gun-metal rings and bracelets for men available on various stores. 

    How Big Is It? 

    The accessories available are immense. Don’t go crazy with them. Whether you’re wearing a watch, bracelet, or a necklace, be sure of their size. Men’s accessories are already on the larger side, so if you pick something a few sizes too big, it’ll look like it’s eating you up. 

    Chunky accessories do not compliment outfits either. Men’s fashion these days tends to be chicer. This is why minimalistic pieces are quite the rave. 

    Speaking of over-doing it, how many accessories you have on is important. If you’re wearing dainty rings, but many of them – you’ll be a sight for sore eyes. 

    Always Wear A Watch 

    If you want to dress to impress, you need a watch by your side. Timepieces tie outfits together. Depending on the watch you purchase, it could elevate your look greatly. However, price matters. If you get something cheap, it’ll be made from less-than-great materials. Everyone will know. 

    A timepiece that’s expensive but does not cost as much as a car is the Carl F Bucherer Manero. If you read more about it, you’ll learn that it’s the famous John Wick watch.

    In the watch hierarchy, automatic pieces are on top. They’re intricate gems. They have exposed dials, letting you peek into everything in motion. Wearing something like this would wow anyone. 

    Look at Your Shoes 

    Depending on your outfit, the type of shoe you’ll be wearing would differ. You most likely have a leather one in your closet. Remember to take care of it. You should be polishing it frequently. There is no way you’d look good if it’s ashy. 

    Not all polishes would get the job done. You should invest in one that has quality pigment. It would transform your shoes into mirrors. 

    Leather shoes should be brown or black. If you purchased any other colour, your outfit won’t tie up well. Speaking of shoes, go crazy with sneakers. You can be as bold with them as you want. Casual outfits with bright shoes are eye-catching. 

    Match Accessories to Your Clothes 

    The above points will help, but you need to assess your outfit too. The stylish men’s accessories you choose need to complement what you’re wearing. The best way to do this is through their colour palettes. Don’t get too matchy with it – you’ll look child-like. 

    You can’t go wrong with black. It accentuates anything on you. It also is very common. You’ll find most men’s jewelry rocking the colour. 

    If black isn’t your cup of tea, something muted would do. A good alternative is brown. If you’d like something brighter, white or grey would work. 

    Look at Fabrics 

    Speaking of looking at your outfit, specifically look at the fabrics you’re wearing. If your jeans are textured, carrying a back-pack that’s textured too would be bad. 

    This is especially true if your outfit consists of leather. It’s a common consensus that leather on leather does not go together. You could say the same for denim, but it’s becoming more popular. 

    Not only should you avoid repeating fabrics, but don’t wear anything that would disjoint your look. If your jacket is suede while your backpack is a matte black, you’d be very hard to look at. 

    Be Confident 

    Probably the most important thing when accessorizing is to be confident. Even if you look good, not liking what you’re wearing would make it unappealing. It’ll make you look awkward, which would result in all of the efforts you put into accessorizing go down the drain. 

    To help yourself be more confident, take your out-fit on a test drive. Wear it before your big occasion. This would make you more comfortable with it. Your loved ones would also compliment you on how good you look, which would boost your self-esteem. 


    How you look is very important. People are quick to judge, and they take first impressions very seriously. The best way around this is by dressing to impress. 

    To nail your outfit, you’ll have to accessorize well. As men, accessorizing is something we’re not familiar with. However, we helped with this considerably. 

    Always wear a watch. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that timepieces elevate how you look. There are many available, but automatic ones would make you look expensive. Money equals quality, so don’t be afraid to splurge. 

    More importantly, don’t wear anything too big. If your necklace is too big for your neck, you’d look odd. You’d also look odd if your accessories don’t compliment your look. Stick to a colour palette – you’ll never go wrong with black. 

    Of course, spice things up and wear more feminine pieces. Guys don’t usually wear necklaces and bracelets, but they should. It’ll help you stand out. 

    Last but not least, you should love the way you look. Being confident is key to impressing others. Even if you look like a million bucks, not liking what you’re wearing would flush all the effort you put into your outfit down the drain. 

    By this point, you know everything to accessorize well. Which of the above will you be utilizing?


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