7 Tips to Take Care of Fragile Clothes

    Are you also among the many who struggle to look after your clothes on a daily basis but fail miserably? Always remember, different clothes ask for different methods to be used to take care of them.

    Well, this season you can get new collections for yourself without getting worried about not being able to look after them. We are here to make you understand few really important tips so that you can take care of your fragile clothes safely and without damaging it.

    1. Understand the labels on the clothes

    For those who tend to send their clothes for dry cleaning unnecessarily, your clothing has labels that provide you the exact details for how you must take care of it. There are labels on the clothes with various symbols mentioned telling you what you should do and not do to take care of them.

    Some have mentioned, “Dry Clean Only” which means nothing but dry clean is safe for that particular clothing. However, some just have “Dry Clean” mentioned which means it can be hand-washed as well. In addition to it, a big “X” over a laundry machine graphic represents you are to keep your clothing away from that machine. “Air Dry Only,” asks to let the garment dry under air and not drying it in a laundry machine.

    2. Learn to handwash clothes

    Well, other than the many job skills you have achieved, good hand-washing is a crucial skill you need to know. Few of the fragile clothes do fine with a good hand-wash. The basic technique of hand-washing is:

    • Filling a large tub with lukewarm water.
    • Add a mild detergent and not a “detergent soap” and stir it.
    • Immerse your clothes and move them patiently from side to side for about five minutes.

    Avoid scrubbing even at stains during this process. You may want to change the water after every few sets of clothes. Do not wash your last sets of clothes in dirty water. To further enhance your care routine for delicate garments, using detergents like those offered by Clean People can be a wise choice, as they are designed to be gentle on fabrics while ensuring effective cleaning. Most of your wardrobe can be taken care of by this technique.

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    Clothes in shop hanging

    3. Don’t leave stains for long

    A major mistake that people commit is leaving stains on their clothes for long. You must treat the stains immediately.

    For wet stains, treat it with water. Organic stains made from animal proteins are to be treated by lukewarm or cold water only. Inorganic stains like dirt should be treated with warm or hot water. You just need to dab the stained part from behind into the water and place it on a paper towel or any absorbent cloth facing downwards.

    4. Soaking is safe

    Soaking your clothes is safe, in simpler words, submerging the entire clothing in the water and letting it stay there for a while is normal. Clothes that are stained can be soaked in water for a few hours to a whole day in room temperature. This helps to give the stains sufficient time to weaken and break apart, thus, detaching itself from the cloth.

    Make sure the entire cloth was immersed in water. Fabrics swell when wet thus the entire cloth when immersed in water changes in size evenly.

    5. Use clean basins for Hand Wash

    As mentioned above, most of your wardrobe clothing can be cleaned by hand wash. But there is something you would not want to forget before you start hand washing. The first step of hand wash was to take a large tub or basin. But do not forget to clean the basin before using it.

    You want to surely want to remove the stains from the clothes but that does not imply you would want to reduce the quality of the fabrics by the harsh chemicals. There are chances that you might land up hand washing clothes in water containing bleach which is never welcomed.

    6. Drying it flat

    Most of your fragile clothing can be dried just by letting it sit in the air and you don’t need a hot-air drier. Well, this too has an easy-going technique, that is, just let it lie flat. Avoid folding clothes as it might just crease them.

    You may hang your clothes on a rope but clothespins might leave dimples on few fragile garments. For such clothes, you may just lay them out in the air properly.

    Over to you…

    Now you know the few crucial tips you need to consider while taking care of your fragile clothes. Make sure that you follow them and you will never have to worry about the type of clothes you are getting this season.


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