6 Best Face Masks for Men With Beards

    If you’re a man with a beard in 2020, you’ve no doubt experienced the hassle that wearing a face mask presents.

    Ultimately, the best face masks for men with beards are ultra long bandanas. That don’t make you look like you’re wearing a toy mask.

    Yeah guys, you know what I’m talking about!

    To help in your search, our colleagues, professional essay and paper writers from DoMyEssay, a helpful writing platform for students, and us have listed 5 places men with beards can buy face masks that actually fit your bearded face.

    1. Hoo-Rag Bandanas 

    The best face mask for a man with a beard is one of the ultra long bandanas from Hoo-Rag.

    This famous brand features a selection of classic ear loop face masks, neck gaiters and headbands.  To keep your beard in check however, you’re going to want to choose one of their awesome bandanas.

    You’re able to choose from a selection of over 250 designs for your bandana. So pick a Hoo-Rag that fits your style and cover your hairy face safely with confidence.

    2. Etsy Face Masks

    Coming in at number two on our list, is the amazing selection featured on Etsy.

    While telling your buddies that you’ve bought a mask to cover your beard on Etsy makes it sound like a Nana knitted it, don’t be disheartened.  Etsy has come a long way as a business. To now position itself as the global marketplace for all things unique.

    Yes, including an amazing selection of masks designed precisely for bearded men.

    Trust us, don’t discount them because of their reputation.

    3. eBay

    At number three, we feature masks from the classic juggernaut of eCommerce – eBay.

    While face masks you find on eBay may not have the creative touch found on Etsy. You will discover the brand name masks you’re after.  eBay allows sellers to move large quantities of face masks at a relatively low cost, meaning as a buyer you get low prices.

    Take a look through eBay’s extensive range of long face masks and bandanas for men with beards.  There’s bound to be a brand and style that stands out to you.

    4. Amazon

    Taking fourth place on our list is Amazon.

    At this stage, everybody on the planet has at least heard about Amazon and if you’ve never made a purchase off the platform, then there’s no better time than the present.  Amazon’s face masks for men with beards are some of the cheapest that you’ll find online.  

    We really like Amazon’s extensive customer review system which you can trust as legitimate due to the sheer numbers.  Search the best reviewed face masks and focus on reviews from others in your unique hairy situation.

    5. ASOS

    Last but not least on our list, comes global eCommerce brand ASOS.

    ASOS focuses on unique, but fashionable products for niche audiences like yourself.  You can feel confident that ASOS has a mask designed for you and if not, they’re not going to shoehorn a small mask onto your beard.

    If you’re looking for somewhere online that understands niche fashion needs and won’t just try to shove a regular mask onto your face without taking the time to understand your needs, then ASOS is for you.

    6. Beard Struggle Mask

    If you are looking for a mask that will cover your well-maintained beard without messing it up, the Beard Struggle beard mask can be the perfect choice for you. These elegant masks have 4 layers of protection to make sure your beard stays sharp and safe underneath your mask.


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