5 Tips To Looking Your Best When Attending A Summer Wedding

    According to statistics, almost 65% of couples choose summer as the time of the year to get married. You might be imagining lots of sweating, thirsting, and maybe itching after strolling in the grass since a summer wedding often takes place in an outdoor venue. If it’s not on the beach, it is probably in a garden. The summer heat is one factor to consider when dressing up for a wedding.

    Thing is, it can be a bit tricky to look elegant while keeping it cool at the same time.  Sometimes trying to remember everything from wedding cards to how you are getting to the venue, you can loose focus and forget to dress your best. But you can still look fabulous, despite the inconveniences of a summer wedding, with the help of these tricks. We want to provide you with tips that you and your partner can share when it comes to Summer wedding style and accessories.

    1. Wear loose-fitting clothes

    A formal cocktail-length dress will be your best bet for a semi-formal wedding. If you want an extra comfortable look, you may go for loose-fitting cocktail dresses. For a black-tie wedding, it is expected that female guests wear floor-length gowns. You may still wear short dresses as long as they do not look too informal. Check out for a variety of dresses. What’s nice about them is that they are a one-stop shop for fashion pieces! They have matching hats, bags, and shoes for the dresses so you don’t have to go far when shopping for accessories.

    2. Use light makeup

    This is not the best time to wear your liquid makeup. In fact, it is the best time to go for a natural look. But in case you cannot step out without any makeup, choose a lightweight silicone-based foundation that can hold up to water or sweat.  For covering spots and blemishes, simply dab on a bit of densely pigmented cream concealer. Use water-resistant mascara. The last but not the least, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

    3. Stay hydrated

    Bring along a bottled water so you stay hydrated, especially if it is an outdoor, daytime event. Staying hydrated is one of the best tips to survive a sizzling summer wedding.

    4. Prioritize comfort when picking your shoes

    There are a  lot to consider when selecting the shoes, from the color of your dress to your accessories. But it would also help to keep the location in mind. For instance, it’s useless to wear those killer heels if they are just going to sink into the grass. In case you don’t want to wear flats, go for wedges instead.

    5. Go for a chic updo

    It’s possible to have an updo hairstyle even if you have short or medium length locks. All you need to have is a few hair grips to keep your hair in place and create an illusion of long hair.  

    The secret to dressing up elegantly for a summer wedding is to keep it light and lively. Besides, it is important to consider the theme and venue of the event. If it is a daytime affair, it would be best to wear pastel and light colors. It will be fine to opt for darker silhouettes if it is an evening wedding.

    Be sure to share this article with females that you know that struggle when attending Summer weddings, they will be happy that you did!


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