12 Ways to Help Them Celebrate Their Anniversary in Style

    Anniversaries are special days that mark a cherished milestone. Whether the couple is celebrating their first or 50th anniversary, you’ll want to make sure that you convey your adoration and respect for the life they’ve built together. And, just as they say it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes the love of friends and family to support and encourage couples through their inevitable bad days and adversities. Take this moment in time – their anniversary – to shower them with luxury!

    1. Music Wall Art

    Every couple has a special song. Maybe it was the song they first danced to as husband and wife or a song that they sway to in the kitchen while washing dishes together. This stunning print elegantly displays sheet music and lyrics on a canvas size of your choosing, in either black, grey or white. Perfect for their bedroom, living room or just about anywhere they want to share the warmth of their love for each other.

    2. Visa Gift Card

    Give them the gift of their choosing with a customized Visa gift card. It can be imprinted with a wedding picture or any other photo of your choosing. You can also include text such as “Happy Anniversary” or “Wishing You the Best!” to further convey your love and respect. And the best part is they can spend their Visa gift card anywhere Visa is accepted, and this means all over the world, online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

    3. Heart Photo Collage

    A true bond is built over time, and you can truly express this with the Heart Photo Collage. Choose up to 30 different photos that will then be pieced together to form a heart as a beautiful tribute to their connection. Frame size, molding, and color theme are also customizable, so you can be sure your gift will be immediately hung in the perfect place.

    4. An Experience

    Interactive gifts are some of the most memorable gifts of all. A regular, everyday routine can be tedious and sap the couple’s energy. They can recharge it with a gift such as fishing, wine tasting, a river cruise, sightseeing, snorkeling, a foodie experience, kayaking, and hundreds of other possibilities, based on physical abilities, interest, and location.

    5. Champagne & Truffles

    A great gift, especially for those that live far away, sending a basket of champagne and truffles will surely delight them! Choose from Dom Perignon, Prosecco, and Brut Champagnes to be complimented by various gourmet chocolates like White Chocolate by Lindt, French Chocolate Truffles by Truffle Basket and Belgian Chocolates. They’ll be savoring it for days to come.

    6. Photo Coasters

    Celebrate their life together with these whimsical customized photo coasters. You can choose from photos taken throughout the years, wedding photos or pictures from another special event. Easily captioned, the anniversary couple will get use out of them every day and reminded regularly of all the fun they’ve had together.

    7. Customized Wind Chimes

    Wind chimes play nature’s soft melodies, and make an elegant gift to help a couple celebrate a milestone anniversary like 5th, 10th or 50th. Wedding details can be etched on the paddle, such as names, wedding date, and hearts. The couple can hang them outside to enjoy through open windows or while sipping lemonade together on a warm day.

    8. Photo Puzzle

    This 1000 piece puzzle will be just challenging enough as the couple fits pieces of their lives into place. Choose a wedding photo, a beloved picture they’ll recognize or an obscure one that will catch them off guard and make them laugh when they’ve completed the puzzle. Either way, a 1000-piece puzzle means time spent with one another, devoted to a shared goal.

    9. Anniversary Journal

    Help the happy couple create their own time-honored legacy. Regardless of the number of anniversaries they’ve already shared, they can start at their current and record their memories in this elegant black journal. There are places for photos and envelopes to fill with additional meaningful mementoes.

    10. Kissing Lovers Sculpture

    Beautifully crafted with soapstone and carved by artisans in Zimbabwe, the serpentine sculpture encapsulates the essence of pure love and unbreakable bonds. Each sculpture is one of a kind, just like the couple that receives it, and will make an exquisite and graceful addition to any room in any home.

    11. Customized Message Shortbread Cookies

    Move over, Girl Scouts! These shortbread cookies can be personalized to reflect your heartfelt sentiments. Made from pure ingredients (including wheat, egg, and dairy) they are a great way to remember small and large events such as the wedding day, funny quotes, inside jokes the couple share, and hopes and dreams.

    12. Aphrodisiac Cooking for Two

    When a couple cooks together, they learn and enjoy skills such as patience, cooperation, and understanding. Plus, if they’re lucky, they get to appreciate their delicious meal at the end! Infuse more romance into their life with the gift of a cookbook that specializes in the art of cooking sensuous foods.


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