Can FIFA Betting Surpass the Popularity of Real Sports Betting?

    FIFA betting has become quite popular in the gambling world. The reason behind this is the growth of esports. However, it’s not as popular as sports gambling since sports gambling has existed for a long time. FIFA betting has witnessed exponential growth for the past few years. Online sportsbooks did not often feature FIFA-esports betting but it’s now available on the homepages.

    As there is a lot of competition in the gaming world, it’s worth thinking if FIFA betting will surpass real sports betting regarding betting volume. This article covers the popularity of FIFA betting and the chances it has to surpass real sports betting. For more information, be sure to check out this guide from thepunterspage.

    The growth of FIFA-esport

    FIFA has grown tremendously over the last years. Many mainstream outlets and ESPN now feature gaming. However, how popular has FIFA become? According to some researchers, traditional sports lags in viewership compared to competitive gaming. It’s still worth noting that traditional sports have a large number of occasional viewers who tune in once in a while.

    FIFA-esport differs from other regular sports as it is not bound to a single region. Sports like cricket, baseball, football and basketball are popular in some continents or countries than others.

    Sportsbooks are now in business as they provide lines on what their clients will wager on. Therefore, internet bookmakers have not had a hard time adding FIFA-esport in the betting industry. FIFA-esport has since been drawing a huge number of streaming viewers. It is hard to find a sports gambling site that doesn’t provide video-game lines. 

    FIFA-esports grew due to a health crisis

    FIFA-esports betting was already attracting enough gamblers until the COVID 19 pandemic started causing fears and sports leagues began shutting down. However, FIFA-sports betting has gotten a huge boost as a result of the virus spread. Bookmakers did not have much to offer gamblers when sports leagues were shut down due to the pandemic.

    FIFA-esports became an alternative once traditional sports were shut down. The moment sports leagues began operating again, they even boosted FIFA-esports betting even more as more people are now sticking with FIFA-esports betting.

    FIFA Betting Sports

    Traditional sports are ruling the betting industry 

    FIFA-esports gambling is growing fast. However, it has to do a lot to attain the attention that traditional sports have. People have been betting on athletic contests ever since the first Olympics was held. Over the millenniums, the betting world has undergone significant growth and has become even more refined. 

    Collectively, people bet billions of dollars on football, college sports, baseball and basketball. People bet even more during marquee events like NBA finals, super bowl and world series. FIFA-esports betting doesn’t seem to surpass regular sports when it comes to gambling volume. Regular sports has a lot of history and a huge fan base that FIFA-esports doesn’t seem to surpass right now. 

    FIFA-esports betting still has untapped potential 

    FIFA-esports has been around for a long time than people realize. Competitive betting is slowly reaching its potential. Leagues and tournaments are attracting more viewers with each passing day. FIFA-esports is yet to reach its full potential and nobody knows how much gaming will grow in future. It’s still possible that FIFA-esports betting will pass real sports betting in popularity. 

    Reasons why FIFA-esports gambling will pass real sports gambling 

    The possibility of FIFA-esports passing to surpass real sports gambling in popularity is not certain. However, we can say it stands a chance to do so due to the following reasons; 

    Young viewers will certainly join the betting industry 

    Average sports fans are in the middle-age category or senior category. In comparison, FIFA-esports betting fans are young. An average FIFA-esports fan is 26 years old. For this reason, it’s not surprising that FIFA-esports has many fans that are not old enough to bet. At some point, these young fans will attain the legal age of gambling. When that time comes, they will add to the number of available gamblers.

    FIFA-esports will continue producing young fans that will begin placing wagers. There is a possibility that these young fans will not be keen to wager on real sports. 

    FIFA-esports is perfect for the digital age

    Not long ago, there were limited options for placing wagers. People could place bets with underground bookies or legal sportsbooks. However, things have changed greatly as a result of online betting. You can find online sportsbooks easily regardless of where you live and place your bets.

    Many gamblers have familiarized themselves with this betting, although a few gamblers visit betting shops to place wagers the old-fashioned way. FIFA-esports betting appeals more to young bettors that have grown during the digital era and like placing their bets online. 

    The market video game is growing

    Billions of people globally buy mobile games, console and computer games. The fact that people love gaming is not surprising that some of the people tune into esports. Some of these fans will eventually start betting since they enjoy gaming.


    FIFA-esports has not passed real sports betting in popularity. However, FIFA-esports is growing fast in terms of popularity and viewership.


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