Basketball Drills You Could Do at Home

    Exercising is a gift that keeps on giving. Apart from keeping you physically healthy, it keeps your mind fresh too. It holds within itself the power to diminish your stress and anxiety. While exercising in all of its shapes and forms is beneficial, sports are a fun way to exercise as you amuse yourself.

    Sports bring out your competitive nature and your ambition to win. They distract you from your daily struggles and force you to build your focus in order to win. Exercising and participating in sports keeps you fit and decreases the risk of developing dozens of diseases.

    Playing basketball is an excellent cardio workout that amplifies your mental development. It is a sport that entails you thinking quickly on your feet and deciding your next moves fast. It is a game that always has room for improvement.

    While you might have a great coach or a teacher, you can get additional basketball insight online too, without having to lift a finger! There are online websites dedicated solely to the best basketball practices and drills.  You can get assistance from the technique of the experts at Basketball Workout Tips in order to gain additional tricks and information to magnify your competence. With such supplementary guidance; you might just find yourself the most talented player on the court!

    Although basketball is traditionally played on a court between two teams, you can enjoy it at home by yourself too. You can enlighten yourself with knowledge and practice. Here are a few drills that you can run by yourself at your home:

    Shooting Hoops

    This is one of the most basic drills. What you need to do is, stand a couple of meters away from your hoop and aim for the basket. If you are a total beginner, you may not make any baskets at the start.

    However, with dedication and practice, you can surely master this skill. Acquiring something of value requires a tremendous amount of effort. In order to make sure your ball lands in the basket every single time; you will have to practice regularly and frequently. With a great deal of training and practice, you might be able to build a flawless technique.


    This might be the most fundamental and crucial drill you could practice at home. One way to do this would be the one ball dribble.  You dribble a basketball back and forth at different heights and speeds. Alternate between your hands and change the amount of strength you put behind your dribble.

    Just try to get acquainted with the ball and see what comes naturally to you. There are many ways to dribble a basketball. From two ball dribbles to figure eights and single-leg ball wraps to around the world drills; there are countless methods to improve your ball-handling skills. The more you dribble the better you become!

    Shoot From The Floor

    You can enhance your shooting skills and build up shooting muscles with the help of this superb drill. Lie down on the floor straight on your back, throw the ball up in the air and attempt to catch it.

    If you are unable to do this on your first couple of tries, keep doing it over and over again until you can do it without any difficulty. It exercises your arm extension and allows you to develop a decent backspin on all your shots.

    Trick Shots

    Perhaps the most fun way to make use of a basketball pole is by attempting to make trick shots. There are plenty of ways you can do it. For example; stand very far from the basketball hoop and try to shoot your ball in the basket from such a distance.

    It may initially seem very difficult, but once you get the hang of it might start looking simpler for you. Also, you can try to make your ball bounce off of things and land into the basket. This is a harder, but more rewarding type of trick shots.

    Sit In Your Stance

    Strengthen your lower body and build a powerful tolerance for this position. With your feet placed as wide as your shoulders, get into a squatting position and time yourself to see how long you can hold this position. After you keep practicing it for a while, you may find yourself staying in it for a longer period of time. This will help you build defensive techniques for when you are playing a real match.

    Basketball is an internationally appreciated sport for all ages. Some have a natural talent for it and start young. Others take advantage of their genuine passion for the sport and master this art with practice. You can always look for ways to enhance your game because it is an elegant sport which can always be improved.


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