7 Ways to Keep Your Body Cool on Scorching Sunny Days

    Summer brings a lot of good things with it. However, it also brings scorching heat and extremely hot days.

    During the summers, it is only natural that our body heat will increase a bit. But if this rise in body heat crosses a certain level, it can lead to a number of problems. including:

    • Heat cramps
    • Skin rashes
    • Lack of concentration
    • Loss of energy

    All of these symptoms will impact your daily routine and will prohibit you from doing something productive. That’s why you must be careful to keep your body heat low.

    Some of the activities that can trigger a rise in your body heat are:

    • Dehydration
    • Excess Physical Activity
    • Long exposure to the sun

    On a hot day, it is critical for your health that you avoid doing anything that could lead you to do the above-mentioned things which will ultimately lead to high body temperature.

    Here are some tips you must keep in mind to avoid that from happening:

    1. Drink Coconut water

    Whenever your body temperature increases, you must look for coconut water. It is one of the best coolants and can help hydrate your body. As you get hydrated, your body temperature will balance out and help produce electrolytes naturally. Coconut water is easily available almost anywhere. You can drink some before you head out for your day to prevent your body temperature from rising.

    2. Drink Buttermilk

    Buttermilk is a very popular summer drink. The drink tastes really good and on top of that is an excellent solution to lower your body’s temperature on a hot day. It is also quite healthy as it contains several minerals and probiotic vitamins that will energize you along with cooling your body.

    3. Grow an Aloe Vera Plant

    Aloe Vera is widely popular due to the fact that its leaves have tremendous health benefits. Also, it is a great natural cooling agent. You can add the gel from its leaves to water and consume it or you can simply rub it over your skin, your body will cool down either way. If you don’t have natural aloe vera at your home, plant it on your balcony or window sill. It doesn’t require dedicated care and can be easily grown in normal weather conditions.

    4. Add some honey to milk

    Honey and milk are two ingredients that have a number of health and skin benefits. During the summer months, if you feel that your body temperature has risen, all you’ve got to do is combine both these ingredients and consume it once in a day. It’s one of the simplest solutions as all you have to do is add a spoon of honey to a glass of cold milk and then drink it. You’ll feel better in a matter of minutes.

    5. Drink a lot of Water

    The most important thing to keep in mind during the summer season or on any day with a high temperature is to drink plenty of water. The key to avoiding dehydration and high body temperature is to keep drinking sufficient amounts of water every day. It is the most natural way to keep your body cool and energize yourself on a hot day.

    6. Sabja Seeds

    Sabja seeds are an excellent remedy for lowering your body heat. They are widely used in Asian countries for this very purpose and for some of the other health benefits that these seeds offer. There is no particular way you need to follow to consume sweet basil seeds. You can add them to limewater or to coconut milk or to any other cooling drink you prefer.

    7.  Eat Watermelons

    Watermelon is one fruit you should surely eat in plenty during the summers. Not only because it tastes great, but also because its composition is almost 92% water which makes it an excellent coolant for your body. If you consume watermelon in healthy quantities, you will be able to avoid the risk of being dehydrated and will also be able to keep your body heat low. ‍

    Over to you…

    ‍These were some of the most important tips for you to help keep your body cool during the scorching summer days. You must try to prevent your body heat from increasing in the first place by following all these tips instead of following them after you begin to suffer. If not kept in check, high body heat can trigger serious illnesses like heat stroke.


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