Looking To Have Fun? 5 Ways to Liven Up Any Casual Event

    Not every host makes for a successful event and not all bands can put up a good show. There are some qualities that make for any successful event speaker who sets the tone right for any event. Some cover bands can very well read the audience. And make changes to their set playlist to keep the crowd interested. In the end, it takes more than just good music or delicious food to liven up a casual event.

    Your casual event should not lead anyone to regret attending it. A good host ensures that he enjoys as much as the guests invited to the event and that makes an event truly memorable.

    Read ahead to find out more about how to liven up a casual event:

    1. Make Your Guests Comfortable

    The first task of your guests is to reach the destination. You can make the first step easy by sharing your location (GPS location or easy directions) with all your invitees. Plant yourself close to the door and offer a warm welcome. Some drinks and snacks as they enter will make them feel at ease on reaching the right destination.

    2. Help Your Guests get to Know Each Other

    If chances are that some of your guests don’t know each other, it is important that everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves. This gives them the opportunity to get into small talks when you’re busy arranging things. 

    3. Present Your Plan for the Event

    This is when you present the different phases of your event, such as music or the main course, for your guests to look forward to. Once your guests know the plan, some may decide to leave and others might wait for the peak moment. One can hire an experienced and knowledgeable keynote speaker to take over the event and engage the audience well. 

    Gathering People

    4. Peak Moment

    You can make your casual event magical with some music, such as the performance of a 90s cover bands. This will motivate your audience to shake their booty or even just sit, sing along or watch the performance. Some music is sure to raise the temperature of your event and make it worth remembering.

    5. Surprise Element

    Revealing a surprise desert after dinner, giving away some return gifts or making a surprise announcement is an interesting way to mark an event’s success. Not only will your guests have something to take away at the end of the event but they will also look forward to another such event hosted by you.

    If the last thing that your guests did or experienced was fun, chances are that it will optimize the entire event. This is why giving away return gifts at the end of the event, while people are leaving, is actually pretty effective. Your guests will then be excited about the next event. As time passes, you can also gather some feedback about the event.


    From setting the right tone of your event from the start to giving away return favours to the invitees, a casual event is all about making the best out of simple and easy things. Your guests should feel welcome to leave if/when they have to. Plan your event in such a way that those who wish to leave midway can do so at a phase change so that what’s planned remains undisturbed. In this way, you can also graciously say goodbye to the ones who have decided to leave. 

    For those who may find it difficult to accommodate return gifts in their event plan, can also pack away some dinner leftovers for the road.


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