5 Signs Your Car Needs Service ASAP

    Your vehicle is very similar to your own body – it’s intricate, unique, and requires proper upkeep and maintenance to operate at peak performance. Mechanical or electrical problems with your car develop over time and slowly become apparent the more you drive, and the more stress you put on it without proper maintenance.

    Discovering a car problem early will avoid complex repairs and their subsequent financial expenses (especially if you don’t have auto insurance), but more importantly, regular vehicle check-ups could save your life on the road. Therefore, always stay vigilant and look for these five signs that could tell you your car is in need of repairs ASAP.

    Listen carefully

    The first indicator that something is wrong with your vehicle will come from the inside and will require a careful listen in order to determine the potential cause of the problem and its severity. Sometimes, the problem has just occurred and you can safely drive your car to the mechanic yourself, while others will require you to stop immediately and call a tow truck.

    Crunching and hard gear shifting are a sign that your gearbox has had enough abuse, after all, it is one of the most used and fragile car parts. If you get your car serviced as soon as you hear the grinding noise coming from your gearbox, you will be able to save the shifting mechanism completely at no significant cost.

    Next, if your brakes start to squeal when used, it’s a sign of brake pad wear and tear and should be looked at in order to avoid brake malfunction and putting your life in danger. Additionally, uneven engine noise indicates to a serious problem either regarding the air and fuel intake, or it might be misfiring.

    Engine warning indicator

    car needs service

    While cars manufactured in the early 90s and before are less likely to have a warning indicator displayed next to your fuel gauge, most vehicles will be able to give you a clear sign that your engine is misbehaving and should be looked at immediately.

    While an engine warning indicator could light up even when the part is only scheduled for routine maintenance, you should not ignore it.

    Oil repairs

    Oil problems, if not mended immediately, can significantly add to the wear and tear of your machine, causing a myriad of subsequent problems, and exuding increased repair expenses. Fortunately, there are several key pointers that can prompt a swift oil check and save you all of the trouble.

    First, if the engine becomes too loud or is revving louder than usual on start-up and acceleration, then it probably means that you should check your oil, as timeworn oil can cause these symptoms.

    Secondly, if you can smell any oil fumes from the tail pipe, or if the engine is creating visible exhaust vapours, it means your oil needs changing. In order to prolong the lifespan of your engine and ensure it’s in mint condition, be sure to use quality Castrol oil that will provide your vehicle with strength and ensure top engine performance.

    Finally, be sure to perform regular oil checks, regardless of car performance.

    Vibrations and brake pulling

    car needs service

    If you experience any vibrations whilst braking, grinding or pulling, it might be a sign of worn out brake pads or disks, but it can also mean that your car is experiencing suspension or steering problems. At this point, there is no telling what could suddenly go away, and the car needs to be serviced immediately.

    If you live in an area that is prone to hazardous winter conditions, then you must be prepare for this and invest in some tire chains. Make sure that you are getting your car serviced when driving in winter conditions. You also need to pack the necessary gear in your car such as blankets, warning lights, chains, de-icers, shovels and an ice scraper.

    Alignment issues

    Misalignments in tyre position, as well as wheel rotation and performance, occur naturally as your car becomes older and has a certain mileage under its wings. If your wheel feels loose, doesn’t centre on its own, or if you notice different tyre wear on each wheel, then you need to get your car to the shop for an alignment pronto.

    Just as you would listen to your own body and schedule regular check-ups with your doctor, your mechanic needs to examine your vehicle once in a while as well.

    Be sure to stay vigilant and listen for any of these early warning signs, and you will ensure your car stays in top shape for years to come!


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