4 Tips to Prepare You for Your First Hunting Trip

    Hunting is an incredibly popular pastime and hobby in the United States. Opportunities are available across the country, which gives hunters a way to engage in their hobby while enjoying the beauty and nature that surrounds them. Perhaps you’re new to hunting and have decided it’s time to dive in and plan your first hunting trip. The first trip can be quite overwhelming as there is lots of preparation that goes into it, as well as safety tips to be aware of. 

    To make things smoother, here are four tips that will help you to prepare for your first hunting trip.

    Look Into the Regulations of the State You’ll Be Hunting In

    Before you can even think about buying and packing your gear, it’s important you know the rules and regulations of the state you plan to hunt in. Many states will require you to have a valid hunter’s license to legally hunt. There is also hunting season for the various animals and often quotas on how much you can hunt.

    Fall tends to be the busiest season for hunting, but there are still some opportunities in the summer. You can hunt coyotes during the summer months in such states as Colorado, Connecticut and Iowa and deer in California and Iowa as an example.

    You can take the learning experience a little further and sign up for a beginner course in hunting. This is a great way to get a strong understanding of the basics so that you feel confident. Ideally, you want to get in a fair amount of shooting practice before your trip so that you know what you’re doing.

    Hunting Gear Requires Thought and Planning

    Then there is your hunting gear, which will play a huge role in how successful your first hunting trip is. Without the proper gear, you’ll find it very difficult to come home with anything. But where should you start? What do you need?

    When it comes to your hunting gun and ammunition, it’s best to visit a shop that is customer oriented, with professionals who can take the time to advise you. It will make the experience less confusing and quicker overall. Experts suggest you focus on the quality of the gear rather than the quantity, as you want it to hold up well past your first hunting trip. Proper outdoor clothing is an essential part of hunting gear and  Everest hunting accessories or Predator’s Archery hunting accessories offers a variety of options that are both durable and comfortable. This can include items such as waterproof jackets, insulated pants, gloves, and hunting boots, all designed specifically to withstand tough hunting conditions, as well as accessories such as camouflage hats, binoculars, and a hunting pack to ensure a successful and safe hunting trip.

    Other important gear you may want to pack includes:

    • Two-way radios
    • GPS unit
    • Sights
    • Game calls
    • Scent attractant
    • Trail marking tape
    • Ammo and a secure case
    • Camouflaged clothing
    • High-quality hunting binoculars
    • Flashlight

    How About the Camping Supplies?

    While your focus is probably on the hunting gear and equipment you need, don’t forget there is also a camping element of the trip which means you need that gear as well. This includes the basics like a tent, camping stove, pots, dishes, knives, recipes in mind and the food required, camping lanterns and more. You’ll find plenty of pre-made camping supply lists online that you can refer to and use as a guide.

    Go with an Experienced Hunting Buddy

    Another tip is to plan your hunting trip with a buddy who has experience. They will help you to feel more comfortable, offer tips and advice, and make the entire trip more enjoyable since you have someone to share it with. You can even have them suggest the best place to visit.

    By using all of these tips, taking the time to plan and purchase the right gear and preparing yourself in terms of learning the skills – you’ll be able to approach the hunting trip like a professional and have great results.


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