10 Reasons You Should Buy A Motorcycle

    You have to admit, owning a motorcycle is a bit cool. The feeling of exhilaration you get when riding it with the wind blowing on your face. A motorcycle ride is believed to be so refreshing that it equals to meditation. It brings upon the rider a sense of peace and calm and so, many consider their motorcycle as their therapist.

    Owning a motorcycle isn’t just about the feeling, there are many other reasons you should own a motorcycle:

    Less Fuel

    As compared to cars and other vehicles, motorcycles consume less fuel and are more economical. Being a two-wheeler and having a small body gives them the leverage of consuming less gas which is not only light on your wallet but on the environment as well.


    You will be able to buy a motorcycle at a fraction of the cost of a car. This is also one of the main reasons for buying a motorcycle. You do not need to save too much to achieve the goal of having your own commute.

    Plus, loans for a motorbike also don’t cost as much as car loans. If you are interested in getting on an adventure trip by buying a bike, take a lot at the best motorcycle loan rates at

    Less parking space

    Motorcycles take up less parking space, no doubt! Added to that, many parking lots have no parking charges at all for bikes. If you are living in a big metropolitan city, just this is enough reason to get yourself that new bike.

    Easier and more fun

    Ever stuck in a traffic jam? Well, this is another disadvantage of having a car.

    Bike riders are seen getting out of jams like it’s a Hollywood movie. They do not need to stand in line and wait for hours to get to their destination, listening to useless radio chatter.

    They are even allowed to ride between lanes! Isn’t that a surprise? Not only that a bike ride is more fun as it lets the rider connect directly to his surroundings.


    Many people may not know that but it is a fact that riding a bike is also a good workout.

    Riding a motorcycle requires extra energy and movement which serves as a small cardio workout. What do you think of that?

    Driving a motorcycle gives your muscles extra strength which keeps your body toned. A study even shows that being a rider is good for your brain as it stimulates brain activity and improves long term cognitive function.  Well, what do you think of that?  

    Ecologically friendly

    A bike occupies a smaller carbon footprint meaning it uses less fuel, produces less harmful chemicals and uses less material to make.

    You may not be one of those people who give much importance to such subjects but what’s wrong in being a little kind to our mother earth, right? There are companies producing and designing electric motorbikes which will further help our ecology.

    Customization options

    There are a variety of accessories available in the market which could help you achieve your individuality. And we are talking not only for the bike but the rider as well.

    You can customize your helmet, gloves, boots or even the exhaust, and design your own personal look. Own the whole persona. But be sure to invest in proper gear as they provide safety to you.


    It is one of the hobbies that bring people together. Bikers have a strong bond among them which is not present among the drivers.

    Being a biker you meet someone of the nicest people who are really helpful. As they have a real feel of the world while they are riding, they connect easily with the people around them. Whether it’s at an intersection, parking space or even online, bikers connect immediately.

    Bikes are cool

    Let’s face it! Bikers have that aura which a driver does not. Owning a bike automatically takes you one step closer to being cool. Walking into a place with a helmet under your arms makes you look like a star from a movie, let us not forget “fast and the furious”.

    The thrill

    The real reason for buying that bike! Yes! It is an experience of a lifetime. The feel of speed against your body, the wind thrashing you backward, your eyesight turning to pin-needles, the heart racing so fast. All of this is no comparison to driving with walls and poor exposure to the outside elements. Your bike does not only take you to the destination, but it is also the ride. Ride a bike, and you’ll see what I’m trying to say here. 


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