What Cream Should a Man Choose for Skincare after Shaving

    Men’s facial hair is one of those things that has gone in and out of fashion over the centuries. Whether to keep a bearded face, trim it down to just a mustache or go clean-shaven is something that shifts from decade to decade.

    One of the big reasons why staying clean-shaven all the time is simply not very fun is because of the horrendously unpleasant consequence of shaving burn.

    Without skincare after a shaving routine, men will likely deal with red, itchy, and inflamed faces at some point in their lives.

    So, to try and make it easier, what kind of cream should a man choose to help soothe his skin after shaving? Is CBD cream the only answer?

    Why Men Need a Skin Care Cream in the First Place

    Both men and women shave their bodies in modern society, yet there are relatively few aftershave skincare products for women. Why is this?

    Men seem to need more after shaving care because their main shaving routine is focused on the face.

    The skin on the face is not only sensitive; it is also not regularly shaped. The face can be a difficult area of the body to shave accurately – it has angles, clefts, and crevices, all with spots that seem designed to catch a razor blade and make the shaver bleed.

    The skin’s sensitivity is much higher as well. Studies show that facial skin is much more sensitive because the face is highly innervated, meaning that there are lof nerve endings throughout the face.

    This is why the face is so much more likely to erupt in painful, unpleasant blisters and why a good skincare routine is essential for all men that choose to shave.

    So, what kinds of products are helpful for using after shaving?

    Using Soothing Balms for Aftershave Care

    The key thing to remember when doing any kind of aftershave routine is to ensure that the shaver puts something soothing on right away after shaving.

    This is because the pores of the skin on the face are most sensitive immediately after shaving, and the process of drying it in the air can result in some severe pain issues and inflammation.

    Everyday aftershave balm products are things like Shea butter or baobab oil, as well as things like chamomile extract.

    The key thing is that it should coat the skin, filling in damaged cracks and cuts on the face, without burning them like many after shave sprays do. The type of soothing ingredient varies from product to product, and there are all sorts of exciting examples of unique ways to soothe the skin.

    The key thing, though, is that it usually contains some kind of pliable oil to help coat the face and something soothing and pleasant smelling to help soothe any inflammation.

    One of the less common but potentially more effective is hemp topical products for aftershave care.

    Could a Person Use Hemp Products as Aftershave?

    Hemp products and all things related to the cannabis plant are not typically recommended for everyday things like shaving, usually.

    This is primarily because of latent fears of anything to do with cannabis and the fear that it could somehow get a person high.

    However, hemp products are usually made from hemp seed oil or contain a small amount of CBD oil within them instead. These are non-intoxicating substances and have no ability to make a person feel any sort of high.

    Hemp products are just as valuable as other types of soothing aftershave balms because they have a number of beneficial properties when applied to the skin.

    According to a myriad of studies, CBD oil is famous for its ability to help diminish the effects of inflammation, such as will tend to come up after shaving. In just the same way that coconut oil and other oils help to rejuvenate and soothe painful, aching skin, so too can hemp seed oil.

    Ultimately, the correct cream for a man to choose for his aftershave routine is going to depend on his personal preferences. Different smells, different consistencies, and different ingredients all provide a different type of aftershave product.

    The key is just to try a variety and pick the one that makes the shaver’s skin feel the best afterward.


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