Never Let the Weather Give You Bad Beard Days Again

    Do you only grow out your beard for No Shave November every year? Or do you have a full-blown power beard that you have been rocking for ages? Whatever the case may be, there will be times when the weather won’t cooperate with your precious facial fur. 

    Changes in humidity, temperature, and wind affect the way your beard looks and behaves. Depending on which part of the globe you are in now, hot humid weather or cold dry weather may be a regular feature. Significant temperature fluctuations occur on a time scale of weeks or months. Factors like wind speed and humidity can however fluctuate hourly.  

    Read on to find out how these 3 factors affect your beard and how you can combat them. Before we begin, it is of utmost importance that you check the live updates of your local weather and see the daily and hourly forecast. Doing this will give you a heads up on the type of conditions that your long whiskers are about to face. 


    A humid environment has a high amount of suspended air molecules that contain hydrogen and oxygen. Human hair is extremely sensitive to airborne hydrogen. According to Stromberg, when the protein in your hair mixes with water molecules in the air they bind together and cause the hair to start curling up. This becomes an even greater problem for beard strands that are already naturally curly. 

    To combat this issue, you need to get your morning routine perfect. Right out of the shower or after a beard wash remember to use a very porous towel to dry out the beard. Don’t be afraid to use some mild heat with a blow dryer or a heated brush to style your beard. This will get rid of a lot of the moisture. 

    The next step is to create a barrier between your beard and the humidity in the environment. Regular beard oils available in the market can do this for you since oil will always repel water. 

    Avoid using any kind of beard wax in this climate since the wax will mix with the moisture in the air and cause the beard strands to break out in an unmanageable way.  


    If you live in an area that is both hot and humid, you could run into issues of excessive bacterial growth. Dr. Vij at Cleveland Clinic mentions 4 skin problems that you could develop due to this. They are Seborrheic dermatitis, Staph infections, Sycosis barbae, and Lice. 

    If, on the other hand, you live in a place that has very cold dry weather, you could run into issues of dry, damaged, and brittle beard strands that are prone to breakage.

    Step 1 in the solution to both of these problems starts with how you wash your beard. It isn’t enough to simply wash your face. You need to use a dedicated beard wash shampoo that has anti-bacterial properties to get into the depths of your scruff and onto the skin. Clean and healthy skin will be one of the main contributors to a healthy beard. 

    The next step is to use a beard conditioner. This will help moisturize the beard since washing the beard will strip off some of its natural oils. Once your beard is almost dry use a beard balm to lock in the moisture. Beard balms contain various kinds of butter which moisturize and deeply condition the beard. Use the balm on your skin as well since it will have a moisturizing and anti-bacterial effect.

    Finally, use a beard brush to delicately style your beard and ensure that the balm has covered the entire beard area. 


    The obvious way that wind affects your beard is that it interferes with the style and causes knots and tangles. The not-so-obvious effect is that it also increases the rate of moisture evaporation which rapidly dries out the beard.

    You already know how to tackle dry weather conditions. As for the tangles and knots, you can manage this with a regular drugstore hairspray. 2 spurts from a good distance away is enough to keep your strands in place in windy situations. But, be careful with the quantity that you use since too much may not mix well with the products already pre-applied. 

    Lastly, you might also check the weather conditions and just decide to let it all go and enjoy the beastly frizz! As long as you have seen the forecast and those conditions are temporary they won’t cause any lasting damage to your bristles.


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