Mens’ Hairstyle Trends 2016

    As we move closer into the start of 2016, the team at TheBeardMag take a closer look at some of the men’s hairstyles that are shaping up for the year ahead. You may have read our 2015 beard trends article which has given us some inspiration for this year. Check out our top 5 men’s hair trends for the year ahead –

    Undercut with Fringe

    This is a classic undercut but slightly deviated from its standard form through the inclusion of a longer fringe, layered and textured. To properly achieve this look you will need to grow your hair out to a long medium length then request a skin fade undercut from your barber. We suggest using a pomade or matt clay to give a firm hold to your fringe whilst keeping the dry look. Barbers can create several alterations of this hairstyle using a modernized pro-t outliner hair clipper that promises refined and clean edges.




    The biggest trend in 2015 was topknots and manbuns, from one extreme to the other it seems as though men in 2016 will be shaving it all off. The popular buzzcut is a very short haircut in which the hair is clipped close to the head with a razor. Not much room for styling here but works great for receding hairlines and looks good with some fading.

    Moreover, Buzzcut can save a look when your hair is shaggy and brittle naturally. That might happen for numerous reasons, including “it’s just like that” and health problems that weaken your hair. Go to website to learn more about natural means to improve your health if your hair needs a buzzcut against your will.



    Mr Business

    If you have a job that requires you to be shaven at all times and look neat and tidy then this is the hairstyle for you. You need to grow your hair to a medium length whilst maintaining a shorter length on the back and sides. This is a simple but classic hairstyle that will make respectable for almost every work occasion.



    The Side Parting

    This is a style that grew very popular in 2016 and we are glad that is has a place in our 2016 trends. It is a timeless look which can look good in any season and with all types of clothing. This is a sleek side parting with shave back and sides, go bold and get that line shaved into your head for a sharper look.



    The Swoop

    You may not be a ‘Belieber’ just yet but you have to say that the guy has got some seriously good taste in hair. He recently decided to dye his hair to a similar shade to Draco Malfoy, opting for a side swoop. It is a daring style to have but if you can grow your hair long enough and think you have the style to match then go for it! You will need to grow your hair to 4 – 7 inches in length, asking your barber to disconnect the top, becoming short as it moves to the front.




    1. A high fade with a hard part and a pompadour to top it off. One of the biggest trends of 2016, but perhaps is losing steam going into 2017 as men are opting for longer hair and more natural looks.


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