Home Remedies that Can Help Prevent Hair Thinning and Boost Hair Growth in Men

    We might strive hard to reach a point where our appearances cease to matter to us, and all that we care about is inner growth and stability in life. But achieving such heights of self-actualization is no cakewalk. And a slight difference in the way we look can dial down our self-confidence. Hair loss and thinning in men is a cause for great concern. And cause a severe blow to the way men perceive themselves. This very common phenomenon can lead to body image issues in men. That is why it becomes imperative to look for ways to minimize the damage. 

    Hair regrowth remedies do not always have to mean spending a fortune on hair treatments like laser therapy and transplant. For all the men reading this article, rest assured that there are tens of thousands of home remedies that you can consider for that receding hairline and thinning hair. You always have the option of a hair transplant, but let that be the last resort. Therefore, without further delay, let us look at a few of these preventive approaches to hair thinning. And address the problem before it is too late.

    A Generous Scalp Massage:

    One of the most underrated approaches to hair loss, a daily scalp massage. This can stimulate your hair follicles and not only prevent hair from falling out but also help them regrow. Dermatologists and health experts vouch for this remedy, and it is advisable that you try it out too. However, be careful about the kind of oil you choose to massage your hair with. Not every kind of oil suits every scalp type. So choosing the wrong oil for massage can trigger more hair fall. Therefore, it is better if you talk to an expert and get your scalp tested before you can opt for this remedy.

    A Natural Hair Mask:

    One of the best hair fall remedies that men can opt for is using a natural hair mask. All you need are some eggs, a spoonful of oil that works for you and a little bit of water to make a rich lather. The lecithin and protein in the eggs provide nourishment to your scalp. Which stimulate the follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth. The routine is quite tedious and messy. But if you wish to prevent hair thinning, opting for this mask at least once every week might be something that you should consider.

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    Use Minoxidil Under Supervision:

    A topical liquid that can even come in the form of foam. Minoxidil has become a preferred choice of treatment for hair thinning in men by most dermatologists. The liquid can be applied to the scalp, of course, under supervision, twice every day. The substance helps open the blood vessels on the scalp and stimulates them to improve blood flow. This helps deliver the required nutrients to the scalp and promotes hair growth. The liquid is available at various online and offline stores, including this link, without a prescription. However, it is advised that you talk to your dermatologist to understand the dose that shall work the best for you. Minoxidil has been used to treat male pattern baldness in many instances. And you might as well try using the same for yourself.

    Include Omega 3s in Your Diet:

    Diet plays an important role in determining the quality of hair, and not just in men but for every other gender too. You can witness several differences in your hair once you make slight changes in your diet. Experts suggest including Omega 3s and protein-rich healthy fats in your diet to reduce hair fall and promote hair regrowth. Add whole eggs, salmon, trout and chia seeds to your diet and also indulge in cheese and nuts occasionally. This will not only help improve your overall health but also tend to your hair thinning issue.

    Cut Back on Men’s Hair Products:

    There are a great many numbers of men’s hair care products available on the market, ranging from wet gels to hair grooming accessories. However, each of these products has harsh chemicals, no matter how much they would want to convince you otherwise. While the use of some of these products might be unavoidable, using a lot of these can damage your hair and cause hair fall or baldness in some cases. Be aware of the products that you are using and cut back as much as possible on their use.

    Wrapping Up:

    There are a number of options available for hair treatments, and all you have to do is learn about them to make the right choice for you. Men suffer from hair problems like thinning and bald patches more than women, and that is why it is essential that they look for simple yet effective home remedies while there is still time. The aforementioned hair fall remedies have proven themselves useful over time, and therefore, you might as well try them out.


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