Hairstyles to Complement Your Lush Beard

    Some men are blessed with facial hair that complements their overall look and image. While others opt to shave it all out, there are some who prefer to grow out lush and thick beards.

    If you are one of the latter, then ensure that you sport a hairstyle that best matches your beard.

    Short Hair Styles

    Short hairstyles generally work with a groomed beard instead of long and grown ones, but if you decide to sport a short hairstyle, then try to go for the sleek and neat cuts.

    • Low Bald Fade Curly. Disconnect a long beard with a low bald cut and this will balance your lush facial hair. Add some curl on the side and be the epitome of uniqueness.

    Medium Length Hairstyles

    Most medium length hairstyles can actually work whether you have a long beard or a clean and shaven face. It is a perfect match for a long beard, as long as your hair is not too thick or frizzy. However, if you have thick and shaggy dark hair, but you still wish to sport a medium length hairstyle, then you might need to strike a balance by cutting off your beard length a little.

    • Clean and Slick. You can even brush up your medium length hair in a clean and slick look because this works very well for a long beard.
    • High Fade Comb Over. A high fade combover also naturally balances a long beard and this is perfect if you are bound to attend a formal dinner. This is actually one of the hairstyles that are preferred by most men growing out their beards.
    • Messy Hair. You can also opt for a naturally messy medium length hair, which works just as great, particularly for a casual look.

    Long Hair Styles

    Long hairstyles also work well with thick and long beards because it provides a masculine or a rock star impression. Sometimes, men prefer to grow their hair long because they fail to grow thick facial hair.

    In this case, there are means on how to grow a beard by making room for it to grow. If you must, you can take natural testosterone supplements in order to increase your DHT level, which is the hormone responsible for your facial hair. Nevertheless, a long hairstyle will compliment your beard once you are able to grow it successfully.

    • Man Bun. Put up your long hair in a man bun and you are sure to rock the look.
    • Undercut. In the same manner, you can even have an undercut with a long beard, which can pass even for a formal event once your long hair is slicked back or on the side.

    To wrap things up, there are several hairstyles that can best compliment a man’s beard. However, it is important to consider that what may work for one person may not look that good for another.

    But the important thing is that you radiate confidence because you are comfortable with how you look, regardless of the perception of others about your appearance.


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