Grooming For Men: How Not To Break Your Bank But Still Look Fabulous

    Everyone wants to look good, but the way we groom ourselves can seriously impact our physical appearance. Some men feel that they should shave their faces every day, while others may opt for something less drastic. Many men shave their body hair, and some like to keep their beards well-groomed. Some men even wax their chests, legs, and arms. Every man has his own personal preferences. However, grooming accessories and the like will inevitably add up over time, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    How To Look Great And Save Money

    The male grooming industry is worth billions. According to research, the market is estimated to increase to over $80 billion in 2024. This is huge, and it shows how seriously men take their appearance these days. Nevertheless, there are some tried-and-true methods to stay looking fabulous on a budget. The saying “man is the measure of all things” has long been used to describe man’s proclivity to measure and discuss himself, his fellow man, and everything in between. And so it goes with this topic: there’s a lot of talk these days about the best way to shave and care for oneself, and the result is a variety of tricks and techniques that can be confusing and intimidating. So what can you do to save money?

    Get The Right Tools

    Men immediately think of the grooming products they are familiar with when they think of male grooming. That being, beard trimmers, razors, shampoo, conditioner, various oils, and so on. Some of these are affordable, but when you start looking at electronic tools like shavers and trimmers, they can become expensive. However, you can often find coupons for various options, including those found here. Once you have found the items you need, think carefully about how often you will use them. For example, do you have fast-growing stubble, or can you barely grow a beard? If it’s the latter, you might want to take a rain check on the beard trimmer. Conversely, if you produce a mountain man beard each morning, you may need something a bit more heavy-duty than a trimmer! Some tools you might consider and their replacements:

    Beard Trimmer

    This is a device that is used to shape a beard into a fashionable style. They are great but are also not cheap. One alternative might be to find an all-in-one device that doubles as a general hair clipper. If you’re looking for this kind of product, check out this¬†Meridian trimmer review.

    Nose Hair Trimmer

    Nobody wants unsightly hairs protruding from the ears and nose, so what can you use instead of a dedicated nose hair trimmer? Well, you could again use a trimming device that doubles up as a different tool. Or, you could go even cheaper and use a simple pair of scissors. They do the same job but for a fraction of the price!


    An electric shaver can be a time-saver, and if you lack time in your morning routine, then you should probably stick with it. However, if you can make time, then a safety razor will save you serious amounts of money, and you will achieve a closer shave.

    Go Old School

    Disposable razors are great; they make life so much more straightforward. Although they cause a lot of plastic waste and are overpriced, most men will sacrifice these things to get a clean shave that doesn’t destroy their faces. You can even get disposable razors that have soothing balms on the edges to reduce razor burn. Then, to go along with these overpriced pieces of plastic, you need to purchase the foam. However, you should ask yourself, is all this necessary? The answer depends on how irritated your face gets when shaving, but one option could be to change to the old school tools that your fathers used back in the day.

    Grooming Men

    Safety Razor

    Razors have been around for centuries, and safety razors, in particular, are one of the best inventions ever. A safety razor is a type of razor with a single blade. The result is a razor that is more comfortable to use and produces a closer shave. Like the safety razor blade, the safety razor handle is a single piece designed to fit comfortably in hand. The safety razor handle should be made of metal, and an excellent place to purchase a safety razor blade is at the drugstore. You will have to invest in the handle initially, but the blades are so cheap that you will make it back in savings over time. Most modern safety razors are double-edged, meaning that the blade will have two cuts on it, saving even more.

    Shaving Soap

    The gel you get in an aerosol can is overpriced, too thick, and smells like artificial chemicals. It had to be said, but it’s true. If you make an effort to get yourself a high-quality safety razor, you should acquire the correct soap to match. While some men may stand by their choice of foam, natural shaving soap has numerous benefits:

    • With shaving soap, you can shave comfortably and close your beard.
    • When shaving soap is applied, you will experience smoother shaving, more extraordinary lubrication, and reduced razor burn.
    • The skin feels smooth, moisturized, and nourished after shaving with a good-quality soap.
    • It is estimated that a soft shaving soap can keep you going for six months, and a hard shaving soap can last for more than a year.
    • You smell like a sophisticated human being rather than a walking advert for Gillette.


    You may wish to invest in a new brush to go with your new utensils. For best results, you should use a shave brush to prepare the facial hairs before shaving. A soap without a sufficient source of stimulation does not lather up properly, does not penetrate the stubble, nor softens it. When you usually dab your gel on your face, it only serves to push the bristles closer to your face resulting in an inadequate shave.

    Although all of these items seem expensive, you must consider that they are usually a buy once and last forever type deal. Even though things like soap and brushes will eventually wear out, they last so long that the investment is far cheaper than what you would otherwise spend on disposable products.

    Male grooming doesn’t have to be expensive, and by using a few methods that men over the centuries have honed, you can look fabulous while keeping your cash firmly in your pocket.


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