Men’s Guide: How to Stay Well-Groomed With New Eco-Friendly Habits

    While women are known to have a lot of grooming products lining up their bathroom shelves and cabinets, there is no doubt that men also have some necessary products and grooming essentials in their part of the bathroom cabinet. There are some habits that you can instill in your daily life to ensure that your grooming is as eco-friendly as possible. It may seem like a very difficult adjustment to have in your life, but it is much easier than you would think. You can also take it one step at a time until your entire grooming routine is completely eco-friendly.

    Reuse Packages

    A man can use multiple shampoos and deodorant bottles a year, which are mostly made out of plastic. To have a more eco-friendly routine, you can reuse different packages or recycle them into other objects that you can utilize around your home. This is of course if you simply cannot give up the product you are using and need to find a way to reduce waste and feel less guilty about using these products.

    Save Water When You Shower

    So much water and energy is used and wasted when a person takes a bath, so it is better to shower. But even then, one could still be wasting a considerable amount of water that can be avoided. You can have a shower without wasting too much water by purchasing a showerhead that lowers water usage. This showerhead will usually emit a high-pressure spray of water so that you can get clean and conserve water at the same time.

    Also, when you are taking a shower, you can lose track of time and stay for a long time under the hot spray without any thought. You can get rid of this bad habit by having a timer set to notify you after a certain amount of time spent under the shower. This habit can help you conserve water as well as the energy used to heat your water. You can easily set a timer on your phone, or you could purchase a shower timer so that your phone is not at risk of being water-damaged.

    Find Zero-Waste Products

    If you do not want to deal with the hassle of trying to reuse packages or finding ways to recycle them, you can look for zero-waste products that are already manufactured to help you gain eco-friendly habits when grooming. Zero waste reviews at have put together different products that are eco-friendly as a guide to those trying to have habits that are better for nature and the environment. You can even have your friends join your quest for an eco-friendly grooming experience by gifting them with zero-waste product sets.

    Limit Single-Use Plastics as Much as Possible

    Single-use plastics do not have to be the packaging your product comes in. it could be the product itself. For example, disposable razors are made mostly of plastic, which is a material you want to limit the use of if you are striving for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Instead of using disposable razors, you can buy an electric razor that you can use multiple times without replacing. This applies to several other items that you use when it comes to grooming. So the next time you’re out shopping for your grooming necessities, pay attention to what’s made of plastic or other non-biodegradable items, and see if it is something you can manage.

    Furthermore, people replace their toothbrushes every three to six months. This means that thousands, if not millions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away. As you might already know, plastic is not biodegradable, which means that these plastic toothbrushes are going to stay on earth for millions of years to come, and could harm different eco-systems. When you purchase a bamboo brush, however, you can simply change the brush head every three to six months and avoid having so much waste to have good dental hygiene.

    If you check out dental implants in Chesapeake, they’ll also tell you how some companies are already selling toothpaste bars. Using them will eliminate single-use plastics are they’re usually wrapped in recyclable papers.

    Buy Local Products Instead of Imported Ones

    Buying locally-made products rather than imported ones are going to do more good than you realize, even if the local product you are using has some form of disposable plastic. This is because imported products require the consumption of copious amounts of energy to be transported to the place you live in. The further away the country of production is, the more fuel is needed to have it transported to you.

    Using the above-mentioned tips, you are going to be able to adjust your grooming routine and habits to become eco-friendly but still well-groomed and clean. Whether it’s buying an electric razor or purchasing rechargeable batteries, you and the environment will greatly benefit. This is going to make your energy consumption lower because you do not have to constantly go to the store for new batteries, and you will lessen the waste of materials since you do not throw away batteries after using them. Putting some thought into the products you buy and how your actions can help the environment can make a big difference. Even if others are not doing the same or you are taking baby steps, at least you are heading in the right direction.


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