Bringing In Beard Products From Abroad – And Avoiding Pitfalls

    The USA generally has a great line on skin and beard products, but there are sometimes wonder products that you have to look abroad to secure. France is the obvious example here, already exporting 18% of the world’s beauty products, according to OEC statistics, but sometimes having hidden gems that you can’t get on the high street. Importing to the USA can sometimes be a tricky affair, and especially so with high quality beard products. Sticking to a few principles can help you get your products in quickly and securely.

    Using established vendors

    Most people looking to import new products will use ecommerce; there’s a reason that TechCrunch note the industry has grown to $1tn per year in volume. This is a huge market, and many ecommerce shipping services are striving to provide an assured and excellent service that is inclusive of the USA’s many import rules. Getting a good ecommerce platform that already has itself in line with US rules is an important first step, and can take a lot of headaches out of purchasing.

    Paying attention to labels

    The issue that the US administration has with cosmetic imports is their ingredient contents. As outlined by the FDA, there are no rules on what substances you can import when it comes to cosmetics – however, labeling must be done properly to avoid any misuse of a product. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable vendor, and that any labeling on the product is in line with US standards, which might be different from elsewhere, before you make the purchase.

    Beard Products

    Using the right courier

    Unfortunately, many Americans are now the victim of porch pirates or negligent delivery. According to CNBC, 36% of Americans have been affected by this issue, and this makes choosing the right courier even more important. Ensure that the company you are dealing with uses a reputable and high quality courier, and request one if they are not made available as standard. This is an area where you shouldn’t try to save money – you want your new product in good quality and safe when it arrives.

    Sticking to these principles when importing products from abroad will give you a good chance of receiving the product you want without any problems. For men with an enthusiasm for great beard care brands, that’s good news. Just make sure you are diligent with every step.


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