5 Steps to Style and Wear Your Beard With a Suit

    So you have a beard – and you want to style it with a suit? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. No beard is the (exact) same – they come in many variations and sizes, depending on how you choose to grow and maintain it. Thus, styling your beard depends on the beard you have.

    There are various suits and shirts for men to choose from, but getting your beard on point is what matters most. If there’s an upcoming occasion that requires you to wear a suit, we’ve laid out five simple steps to styling your beard with a suit in this guide. 

    1. Clean your beard

    The first thing you want to do when styling your beard is clean it. Now we’re sure you may clean your beard now and then – but you want to make sure it’s as clean as a whistle for whatever event or occasion requires you to wear a suit. After all, you’ll be going for a smart or formal look and will want to look clean and tidy. 

    If you’re attending an interview, remember that first impressions matter. A clean beard can say a lot about you. Off to a wedding? You want that beard to look fresh in photos. A clean should be shampooed nicely and well-maintained. 

    2. Groom your beard well

    When you’ve cleaned your beard, you should try combing it with a narrow tooth comb to determine the exact shape of your beard and also tidy up any knots. Grooming is required to tame your beard. We know how proud of your beard you might be, but it should be tamed when wearing a suit. Trim and crop your beard neatly so that any patches of skin are covered. 

    Why not try on your suit and see how it looks with your beard and go from there? 

    Suit Beard Style

    3. A fade is a strong choice

    You might want to consider cleaning up your look if your beard is on the unruly side. The best thing you can do is have a barber give you a fade so that your jaw and neck look neater. Your collar might stand out more this way.

    4. Apply product to keep your beard’s shape and structure

    Beards are firmer than hair – and they probably won’t move position much – but keeping it in shape could be a wise idea when styling it with your suit. You can use beard mousse or oil to give your beard more depth and keep it in place. It can even smoothen and flatten your unruly sideburns. This step could be an overlooked game-changer for your appearance. 

    5. Easy on the accessories

    You should embrace your beard and tone down the rest of your attire to allow your honourable facial hair to stand out. Your beard should be the main accessory of your outfit, so use accessories accordingly and try not to go overboard with them.

     Who needs a stand-out tie when you have a long beard? Even if you have a shorter beard, opt for a tie that doesn’t look too vibrant or funky – give your beard some much-loved attention.


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