5 Beard Trends Hitting 2021

    In the past, a clean-shaven look was all the rage as it was viewed as professional and sophisticated. However, over time, sporting a rugged look began to exude the same level of sophistication and professionalism that having a thick beard became one of the strongest fashion statements for men. Models and celebrities sporting beards further strengthened the perception that having one can make for a dashing gentleman.  

    After all, beards are versatile and adaptable. Even if you’re only wearing jeans and faded pants, a beard can completely change how a man looks with the right beard style for his face. Matched with the right haircut, a man can look his best and be ready for any occasion. Gone are the days when people viewed facial hair as an indication of a lazy and untidy man. 

    Like most fashion statements, beards change with the arrival of a new year. While most men typically opt for a full beard, you might want to try these five beard trends for 2021. Whether you’re a first-time beard-grower or a facial hair veteran:

    1. 5 O’Clock Shadow

    One of the most timeless beard styles that men had always worn is the 5 o’clock shadow. Also known as the stubble, the term “5 o’clock shadow” was once coined by a razor company to remind men to shave twice a day. If you’re having trouble maintaining your beard, especially when it’s your first time, you can check reliable websites, such as Bespoke Unit, for tips on how to properly groom your beard. 

    Nowadays, the 5 o’clock shadow remains a classic and prominent trend. Celebrities like Adam Levine, Zac Efron, and David Beckham among others, proudly sported 5 o’clock shadows during red carpet events. In fact, this beard style has become an essential part of men’s grooming when attending formal occasions, and it’s not showing any signs of fading at all. 

    More often than not, a 5 o’clock shadow will take two to five days to grow. When you have dark facial hair, it can quickly become visible in as short as two days.

    2. Corporate Beard

    As suggested by its name, a corporate beard is best suited for a working environment. This style is close-cropped from two to three inches, and it requires thick facial hair to pull it off. 

    Since this is best used within professional setups, it’s vital that you keep your corporate beard clean and tidy. If need be, use a good quality beard trimmer for your fly-away beard hair. It’s also best if you know how to trim your neckline and cheek line to keep it formal and clean.

    3. Scruffy Beard

    The scruffy beard is a style that’s slightly longer than the stubble, adding a bit of character to your look. In order to achieve this style, let your facial hair grow within two to three weeks. During the third week, start trimming your neckline to avoid your scruff from crawling down your Adam’s apple. The scruffy beard tends to be itchy so make sure to regularly apply conditioner on your beard to keep it soft and your skin hydrated.

    Bearded man smiling at camera

    4. Short Boxed Beard

    This beard style is similar to the corporate beard. But a bit longer at the chin area so it creates edges that highlight your jawline. For this beard style, you have to patiently grow your beard for three months before eventually designing a taper on the side of your chin. The good thing about the short boxed beard is it’s best for any face shape. But would look better for men with an oval face.

    5. Hollywoodian Beard

    Another trendy beard style you can try this year is the Hollywoodian beard. As its name implies, this style was derived from famous Hollywood actors. Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale, as well as renowned basketball personality Lebron James. 

    The Hollywoodian beard can be an excellent choice for men who want to fill their sideburns and cheeks with facial hair. This can help add dimension to your jawline rather than your cheeks. Keep in mind to avoid making common shaving mistakes. Like trimming the neckline too high if you don’t want to look like a rapper from the ‘90s.

    Finishing Up

    To achieve a stylish beard this year, be patient in growing your facial hair before eventually trimming it. A lot of men have already grown their beard thanks to quarantine. And this may be the time to pick a suitable beard style trend for you. Remember to also choose the style that best compliments your face shape and features.


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