4 CBD Products To Keep Your Beard Looking Its Best

    A mighty beard has become a symbol of status, confidence, and rugged manliness. Facial hair is not a new trend or a passing one and with top-tier brands like Pinnacle CBD offering CBD infused beard oils to keep your beard looking and feeling great, our bushy masterpieces are most certainly here to stay.

    Men have been growing out their facial manes since the beginning of our species. It’s a way to stay warm, a way to add your own personal touch to your style, and a way to stay connected to your more primal side. Granted, cave-men probably weren’t twirling their mustachios or spending evenings perfectly sculpting their beards, but they undoubtedly rocked some pretty epic, unkempt whiskers.

    We know just how much your beard means to you- the hours of careful grooming that you have invested over the months or years, the numerous razors and trimmers you’ve been through, and your undying commitment to facial glory. All of this effort has culminated in an awesome beard, but now that you have one, how do you keep it that way? That’s where the power of CBD comes in. We’ve put together a list of four incredible CBD products from¬†Salt Leaf Hemp that are essential for keeping your beard looking and feeling its absolute best.

    CBD Beard Balm

    Beards are one of the most popular fashion statements of all time, but these beautiful bounties of facial follicles don’t get that way over night. It takes a commitment to grooming and maintenance to get your beard to its full glory and keep it there. CBD beard balm is a fantastic product that helps provide your beard with a variety of carefully selected botanicals, with a slew of added benefits from the inclusion of high-grade hemp extract. 

    Beard balm acts much like a leave-in conditioner for your beard. Application is easy, and once it’s in there, you can go through your day with the confidence of knowing you are providing your chin pelt with the nutrition it needs to be at its best. Many of these balms are made with ingredients to not only treat your beard, but to help the skin underneath that hasn’t seen the light of day in quite some time. 

    CBD + Biotin

    Not everyone has a perfectly even beard. May people have patches that grow a little bit less than other parts, and some experience thinner sections on their cheeks while their chin hairs grow full and luxurious. Your beard is an extension of you, and when it has the need for a little extra TLC, you should treat it to the best, most natural options possible. 

    CBD infused with biotin is available in a variety of different forms such as topicals and tinctures but gummies are by far the most popular. CBD gummies that contain biotin promote follicle health. Biotin also helps convert food into energy efficiently which allows your hair to receive all of the valuable nutrition it needs to grow at its maximum potential. If you want to enjoy the power of a full, commanding beard, then you are going to love the effects of CBD infused with biotin.

    CBD Beard Oil

    We all love our beards when they are at their best, but on occasion these wonderous man manes can get dry, bristley, and down right itchy. There is nothing worse than reaching up to scratch your perfectly groomed beard and having a blizzard of beard dandruff powder the slopes of your desk or date. This is just one of the many undesirable situations that can be avoided by utilizing the power of CBD beard oil.

    There are a myriad of incredible benefits to regularly using CBD beard oil besides just keeping your dandruff at bay. CBD beard oil helps to treat the skin under your beard which will help with any patchiness, and provide valuable nutrients that help keep your face from developing any under-beard-acne. If you are looking to style your beard into the perfect masterpiece, there is no better product to use. There are plenty of beard oils on the market, but they often contain a plethora of harsh chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your precious follicles. Fortunately, CBD beard oils are made by health and wellness brands that wholly avoid anything other than the best botanical ingredients. 

    CBD Infused Water

    Water may seem like a confusing addition to this list, but it may be your best tool in keeping your beard at its best. Staying hydrated is an absolute necessity that will provide you with a myriad of benefits. 

    If you want your beard to stay soft and grow with more vigor, then you need to stay hydrated. CBD water is an amazing way for you to stay hydrated because it has all of the beneficial compounds present in high-grade hemp extract. With CBD water you can stay hydrated, keep your beard happy and healthy, and provide your body with the incredible benefits of CBD all at the same time.


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