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    I started growing my beard 7 months ago after looking though some old family pictures and seeing my dad back in the day with a full set (tash & beard) and thought to myself that’s it time to try it I’ve always had stubble and growth but this time I set out to grow a full beard.

    After getting past the first stage (you know the itchy and Scratchy stage, not the cartoon by the way) I started looking into products for beard maintenance after a few days I started seeing and feeling a difference – no more itching, no more wire brush face.

    Then came stage two – friends and co workers asking why I’m growing it and people saying I’m lazy and just cannot be bothered to shave. They kept asking why I was trying to be a hipster? If only people knew what time and effort went into keeping facial hair neat and tidy, well-groomed and the products you have to get. It’s not like you let it grow and weeks later you have an epic beard, that doesn’t work – you need time, patience and dedication.

    Steve Boulding

    Stage 3 – people saying don’t you think it’s time you shaved it all off? Like I said it’s not a phase I’m going through its part of my life and part of my daily routine. Waking up in the morning and washing your face, brushing your teeth, oiling/blaming your beard. It all becomes your everything, I know someone might read this and go “it becomes your life” but it really does. You have to make sure it looks spot on when you go to the shops or out for a drink, like you do with the hair on top of you head.

    Now though people don’t remember me without a beard. It’s nice when people come up to you and ask things about my beard and ask for tips and advice, which I’m happy to do like I people did for me when I asked them.

    I will never have a beard like my dads – to the fact he wasn’t so much interested in length of his beard, whereas I am – I like to see a long beard.

    Hope this story inspires people to grow a beard or informs people who it’s not that easy and things get better in time.

    Thanks for reading
    Steve Boulding
    @boulding81 on Twitter

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