Ultimate Alternative Gift Guide for Father’s Day

    Every year, during Father’s Day, dads from all over the world receive a plethora of gifts from their loved ones in the form of biscuits, cards, jumpers, socks, among a bunch of other things. It’s nice to receive these kinds of gifts but they might not actually be what dads really want.

    As much as dads love to have any kind of gift during Father’s Day, especially if it’s from their kids, giving them something else other than the usual fare might just make them feel even more loved and appreciated. Read on to know what alternative gifts for men you can give your dad this Father’s Day.

    BBQ Set

    For dads who love to make barbeque during weekends, a BBQ set can be a great Father’s Day gift. Along with a high-quality set of prongs, you can also give your dad a bottle opener, spatula, knife, fork, and a grill scraper—all of which are included in a complete BBQ set. This is the ultimate gift for your grill-savvy dad!

    Viking Drinking Horn

    If your dad loves to drink beer, make his experience even more special and epic by getting him a Viking drinking horn. Dads mostly want to have fun as they drink their beer and with a Viking drinking horn, they’ll surely have a great time drinking with their buddies while watching their favorite sports matches or just hanging out.

    viking drinking horn
    Credit – Ale Horn

    Viking drinking horns borrow the design of the drinking horns used by actual Vikings hundreds of years ago, which will definitely give your dad a feeling of mightiness while he enjoys his ice-cold beer.

    Beer Brewing Kit

    Speaking of ice-cold beer, if you want to reward your dad this coming Father’s Day, why not give him a beer brewing kit? Dads will definitely love the fact that they will be able to taste their own beer. This gift can even pair nicely with the Viking drinking horn or the BBQ set.

    Boozy Gift Baskets for Guys

    If your dad is an alcohol connoisseur, there’s really only one gift that will make him happy—that is, a boozy gift basket for him. For dads who enjoy the finer things in life, a basket of fine wine would be perfect. Those who prefer the usual beer will definitely love a beer sampler basket. If your dad prefers the stronger stuff, then a scotch whiskey gift basket would just be what he wants. Customize your boozy gift basket according to your dad’s taste and fill it with delicious snacks, premium cigars, and alcohol-related gear to complete the set. You can also visit a website like Bockers and Pony and check out their different gift hampers for different occasions.

    Laser Measuring Tool

    For dads who can’t help but measure everything in the house if they have a DIY project, perhaps a laser measuring tool is an ideal gift for them this coming Father’s Day. A laser measuring tool uses precise laser technology that gives accurate measurements in as fast as four seconds. This is the ultimate gift for DIY dads out there!


    For dads whose creativity extends beyond home DIY projects, perhaps a camera will come in handy for them. If your dad has a hobby of taking photos all the time, get him a camera with a compact shape and continuous shooting so they will be able to capture or record all their projects, as well as get some scenic shots that they can print out and display on the walls.

    Stereo Earmuffs

    Another piece of tech that your dad might like are stereo earmuffs. Stereo earmuffs are available for a very reasonable price and they bring nice features along with high-quality playback. Your dad will just have to plug them into his smartphone and listen to music while working.

    Desktop Organizer

    Some dads can get disorganized, especially when it comes to their desktop, as they might have the tendency to leave things scattered about. This is where a desktop organizer can come in handy as a Father’s Day gift. A desktop organizer will help keep everything in order and can even increase your dad’s productivity while working.

    Robotic Gutter Cleaner

    Since most dads are tasked with seasonal chores such as cleaning the gutter, a robotic gutter cleaner might be the perfect gift for him this coming Father’s Day. Dads will appreciate the robotic gutter cleaner as a convenient way of removing leaves and debris in the gutter.

    robotic gutter cleaner
    A Gutter Cleaning Robot blasts away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean


    For dads who like to keep their face neat and clean, or for dads who like to keep their beard trimmed, perhaps a shaver together with shaving cream and a shaving brush will make their Father’s Day extra special. Just make sure that the shaver set you choose is free from any synthetic materials that might harm your dad’s skin.

    Experience Gift

    Instead of buying dad something tangible, why not take a different approach with an experience gift? Consider his interests: If he likes vintage vehicles, look for a rental place and drive around in a classic car for the day. If he likes history, get tickets to go on a Savannah ghost tour and learn the haunted history of a nearby city together. Beer tasting, indoor skydiving, and kayaking are a few other ideas. You’ll get him an unexpected gift and make memories to last a lifetime.

    Wrapping It Up

    While it can be tempting to just buy a tie and give it to your father as a gift this coming Father’s Day, it’s wise to consider your options first. Your dad will really appreciate if you can give him the kind of gift that he actually wants. If you don’t know what to give your dad, try to reflect on his interests or hobbies.

    This way, you will be more involved in creating or selecting a gift for your dad. Once you do, you’re likely to select the best Father’s Day gift that he will really like and appreciate.

    Besides, making your dad happy on this very special day is the most important thing of all.



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