Gentlemen’s Swag is all about beards, well-kept and healthy beards, which come in an array of extraordinary colors, lengths and textures and those gents that wears them are just as diverse and should be acknowledged and celebrated. We believe“your” beard embraces who you are and what you represent; your own style and flair.

Gentlemen’s Swag holds steadfast to the belief that a beard represents each individuals unique style, personality and individuality.


Your beard is a reflection of who your are, “THE BEARD-THE MAN”, someone who “follows his own footsteps”.

That’s why we have created a line of handcrafted and all natural products to maintain and bring out the best beard in you.  All of our beard care products is thoughtfully crafted and made with the intent of protecting and promoting healthy hair growth for your beard.

Our faces does not produce as much of the oils that are essential to healthy hair growth (the scalp produces those oils in abundance), that’s why most men experience a dry and itchy beard that has slow growth. The best way to cure and resolve this problem is to use an oil or butter/balm that replenish and form a protective barrier to the hair and its’ shaft.


Most, if not all, of the issues that are preventing you from achieving the beard that you want are completely solved by beard oil and/or balm because they contain the oils that are in the closest  composition to the oils produced by your skin and scalp to grow and maintain healthy hair. Oils can heal a host of skin and hair issues including psoriasis, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and hair loss.

Our beard oils, butters and soaps are made with the best carrier and essential oils for your beard and the skin beneath it; Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Castor oil are some to name a few. Our carrier and essential oil combination not only will give you the “look” that you’re trying to achieve but will also heal and rejuvenate  your hair and skin.


Furthermore, our scents in our beard oils and butters are amazing. Customers rave about the scents and constantly ask, “How did you achieve that alluring scent to your products?” Its’ all in the “nose”. I taste wine everyday and love its nose, the full-bodied scent that is released when you open a bottle of wine.

I have developed a sensitivity to scents that have allowed me to create scents that are pleasing to the senses; but what’s also amazing is the essential oil combinations are therapeutic and nourishing for your beard, hair and skin as well.

I believe that growing a beard is a “journey” and Gentlemen’s Swag would love to walk side by side with you on this grand adventure into this bearded life…….

What they sell

Beard Oil
Beard Butter/Balm
Mustache Wax – coming soon
Combs – coming soon

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What their customers are saying

“I’ve tried several different oils, but I was always looking for a scent that I really liked. Found it with Urban Swag. I love the smell of patchouli and it is what lingers after the citrus has worn off, which only seems to take a few minutes. Thank you!”

“I purchased this as a gift and he loves the smell and feel.”

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