3 Breweries to Visit While In Ireland

    Ireland is an amazing holiday destination. For those who have never been to Ireland, it’s basically an island that’s located in the Northern Atlantic region. Although the country is an independent state, it’s largely considered to be part of UK.

    Ireland is actually known for making the best beer brands in the world. If you happen to be holidaying in Ireland, you should consider visiting some of their breweries and learn more about the country’s heritage. Fortunately, the breweries are not far from other tourist attraction sites, meaning you will be able to visit them on your way back.

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    Here is a list of the breweries that are worth visiting while in Ireland.

    1. Guinness Storehouse

    Guinness Storehouse is the leading brewery in Ireland. It’s actually ranked as one of the most memorable Ireland trips. If you are visiting the island for the first time, it’s advisable you take a guided tour instead of going solo because it will reduce your chances of getting lost in the busy streets. Since there are many tourists that visit this brewery, it’s advisable you book your tour in advance as it will help you in skipping the long queues.

    man holding can of guinness

    After you have made your booking, the tour operator will arrange for transport. The tour of the brewery usually lasts for up to 4 hours. During the tour, you will get an opportunity to taste beer and whisky. However, tasting of the beer is only allowed for people above the age of 18 years. You will also find a representative of the brewery who will let you know the ingredients and the processes that are involved in producing beer.

    2. Eight Degrees Brewing

    Eight Degrees brewing is named after Ireland’s position from the west longitude. Besides that, the brewer preserves its products at eight degrees. The number is also used as the company logo and is printed on all of its brands. The company was started by two entrepreneurs, an accountant from Australia and a water engineer that hailed from New Zealand. The two businessmen started their company after learning how to brew from a leading institution in Berlin.

    The brewery can be accessed on any day of the week as long as you have booked your tour in advance and paid the entrance fee. Once you are inside the facility, you will be taken around the production plant and allowed to taste the various brands that are on display. However, the tour is not ideal for persons living with disabilities, especially those that use wheelchair because the floors of the brewery are not even.

    man holding glass of beer

    3. Carlow Brewing Company

    Carlow Brewing Company was started back in 18th century. In fact, the company is the pioneer of independent breweries. Unlike other breweries that contract farmers to grow the ingredients that they use to manufacture beer, Carlow has vast lands that it uses for planting barley. Apart from beer, the company also brews stouts, lagers and ales.

    When you visit the company, their representative will show you around and also give you a chance to sample their brands. The company is also the official sponsor of Irish Craft Beer and Cider festival, an event that happens once in a year and it involves more than 20 beer manufacturers.


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