The Breton Shirt Guide

    The long warm summer nights already feel like months ago, we take a closer look at one of the staple fashion items carrying you into Autumn, Breton Shirts. It was first introduced in 1858 and was originally created as a uniform for the French navy seamen. It wasn’t until 1917 that the infamous stripes made their way into the fashion collection of Coco Chanel. Its popularity hasn’t faded even today and it’s safe to say that Breton shirt company have kept that passion alive.

    Breton Shirt company initially started selling their shirts through national newspaper adverts and in selective magazines. That offline tradition carried on for many years until recently they felt that they could reach a wider audience out via the internet. Little has changed in their 25 years, they have a deep heritage and are fully sustainable brand with all their garments Created, manufactured and hand finished by skilled craftspeople using only locally sourced materials. We were lucky enough to wear some of their shirts, the soft cotton feels very light on your skin and the fits are impeccable to suit almost any body shape.

    sailors breton shirt men

    The original design of the Breton Shirt featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories but there have been variations of this style adapted to suit coastal locations. They were originally created for fisherman so were a mixture of wool and cotton for warmth, if you are looking to wear on land then the 100% cotton option would suit better for comfort and fit.

    They usually come in short or long sleeve: shorter will allow your skin to breathe and suit the warmer months but a long-sleeved version will last all year round, lending itself well for daytime or evening use. As for the stripes, we suggest sticking with the traditional navy and white palette but we also love the green or red version from Breton shirt company, sometimes best to mix things up a bit.

    The Original Breton Shirt

    We actually think that the best thing about a Breton Shirt is that the stripes aren’t limited to-day or night. For an evening affair; try matching some dark chinos or trousers with a blazer, finished with some black tassel loafers. Casual day in the park, an over the shoulder bag, shorts and plimsolls would suit just fine

    Nowadays, you can rock stripes on your shirt, shoes, or shorts, but, steer clear of all three at once (unless you want to look like a multi-coloured zebra)!

    Check out some inspiration for Breton Shirt outfits below.

    breton shirt men
    The Muscle Polo Casual Look
    The Canal Walker
    The Canal Walker
    breton shirt men
    The Smart Office Look
    breton shirt men
    The Daily Look
    breton shirt men
    The Casual Look


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