Top 5 Mens Moisturisers

    When you have a beard, you need to make sure that you are looking after your skin. Check out our guide to the different types of mens moisturisers available.

    The taboo around male grooming and their skincare regimes is, quite rightfully, dissipating and more and more men are taking pride in their faces. That’s all well and good, however, it’s easy to get lost in the moisturiser aisle in any shop, staring at the various bottles like ‘whaaaa’??

    Well, fear no more, as here we have a rundown of the top 5 moisturisers on the market today. Take note, we’ll even include what type of skin they’re best for, and some ingredients so you’re fully in-the-know about that you’re putting on your face. Right, so up first, best moisturiser for razor sore.

    1. COSMETIC LAD – LUSH (£12.50/45g) for post-shaving soreness


    Cosmetic Lad is one of Lush’s main selection of moisturisers, and it’s main property is to soothe that soreness following a shave. With close to 100% natural products, ingredients include honey (a ‘humectant’, which absorbs and retains moisture and antiseptic); aloe vera and lavender which are well-known for soothing properties. The African Marigold extract possess anti-red powers to reduces inflammation and redness and finally wheatgrass, which is an antioxidant, shields the skin.

    Unlike many other cosmetic companies, Lush does not test on animals, and endeavors to use as many natural ingredients as possible. This ensures the most gentle and natural remedies to things like razor-sore. Note, this may be best kept in the fridge to keep fresh but also remain cool when applying.

    2. FACIAL FUEL – KIEHL’S (£21/75ml) for dull and tired skin


    This classic look product is ideal, as the name suggests, for waking up and invigorating the face, giving it a bit of rocket fuel. Ingredients include caffeine, chestnut extract and vitamin C which together, in the non-oily formula, gives the face a rush of energy; uplifting the skin. The vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which not only helps eliminate troubled spots, but remove grease from the skin. The chestnut extract helps to retain moisture also, which is key in re-energizing skin.

    Many reviews say this is ideal for a morning skincare regime, as will really awaken your face. This can also be used with other Kiehl’s products in the same range for a more thorough treatment.

    3. ULTRA HYDRATING CREAM – DOVEMEN+CARE (£8.99) for dry skin 


    Dove’s Ultra Hydrating Cream is a more complex recipe of various scientifically proven ingredients for an intense action of hydration for the skin. This formula claims to last for 24 hours and absorbs quickly on the skin to reduce redness and dryness. Glycerin in the formula aids the retaining of moisture (humectant) and provides a protective barrier on the skin; leaving it hydrated and safe from aggravating outside factors.

    Sunflower seed oil is also incorporated into this formula, which acts as a natural emollient, ensuring skin stays moisturised and protects against cracks and drying skin.

    4. SENSITIVE MOISTURISER – NIVEA FOR MEN (£6.49/75ml) for sensitive skin 


    Nivea have cracked the ideal moisturiser for those of us whose skin is a little more picky and sensitive to more bold ingredients in some face creams. The 0% alcohol formula is gentle to the skin, and aids without burning or overpowering the pH of your face. It includes essential ingredients such as chamomile and witch hazel- both soothing and preventative against skin irritation.

    It also includes shea butter, which is viewed as an excellent means of moisturising for all skin types. The moisturisers in shea butter are the same as those produced by the sebaceous glands in the body. Because of this, it means shea butter as an ingredient is natural and softening for sensitive skin.

    5. ANTI-AGEING MOISTURISER – WELLMAN (£16.75) for more mature skin 


    Designed for the man with slightly older skin, this formula acts against the appearance of wrinkles, but also combat harshness caused by shaving, weather and general day-to-day activities. You can expect a little rejuvenation action from the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E (protecting you from free radicals) and aloe vera will assist in cooling irritated skin.

    Wellman, under Vitabiotics (the vitamin people), is unsurprisingly full of other ingredients which possess skin-smoothing, antioxidant and elasticity properties, and so ideally gentle for older skin.

    * * *

    So, there you have it. The top five moisturisers on the market, all for different skin types. Whether you have dry, sensitive or mature skin, there’s something to suit you. The more natural ingredients you can find in cosmetic products, the better, as these are more naturally gentle and kind to all skin.

    Don’t fall on your face when it comes to moisturising! You won’t regret spending a little more on that moneymaker…

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