Why Interior Moldings are Important to Achieve Your Dream Home

    Building a home is one of the best feelings ever. With myriads of factors to consider in terms of interior design, one of them that you should never overlook is interior moldings.

    If you are considering adding interior moldings for your planned dream home but still unsure of its importance, then this article is for you.

    Below, we are going to tackle interior moldings and why they are essential for building your dream home. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

    It Adds to the Aesthetic

    Making your dream home as aesthetically pleasing as possible is not only limited to furniture and decor but also by installing interior moldings too. With a plethora of interior molding designs to choose from, the sky’s the limit in opting which one’s best for your home. 

    It adds elegance to each corner of your dream home. What’s more, is that you can choose a variety of types of interior molding too. The most common one is shoe molding, which is used to conceal the joints between the floor and baseboard. 

    Others include the head casing which is used for windows or doors and the chair rail that is installed in a room’s entirety with the same height as a chair. 

    The best part, you can find plenty of cost-effective interior molding types in today’s time. So if you have a limited budget for your dream home, then fret not because interior moldings won’t cost you a fortune. 

    Acts as an Extra Layer of Protection for Corners

    Aside from its aesthetic purpose, it also serves as a layer of protection for your home’s corners. This not only includes walls but also doors and windows too. Pests such as termites love to chew on whatever they can find. This makes termite extermination crucial as you build your dream home.

    Thanks to interior molding, that termite problem will finally be at bay. Of course, you need to ensure that you have opted for high-quality moldings too. If you prefer a plastic mold, then finding a reliable plastic injection molding company is a must. 

    The same goes for wood, synthetic, or polyvinyl molds as well if that is your cup of tea. Just make sure that you hire an experienced contractor that can install such moldings. They are sometimes difficult to install depending on the material quality. So hiring a professional is your best bet for that.

    Adds Value to Your Home

    Interior moldings give your home the best of both worlds of aesthetics and security. With these two factors alone, you will probably attract a lot of potential homebuyers and realtors in the future.

    So in case you are moving to another home 10 or 20 years from today, make sure that you have interior moldings in the dream home you’re currently living in now. This is also where the importance of stellar quality moldings comes into play.

    If you want interior moldings to last for decades on your dream home, then material quality should never be overlooked. Let an expert guide you to help inspect such moldings before you buy them. You can even add some details by getting glass pieces from a reputable glass manufacturer like Roetell. This spices up the vibe and makes your home look classier.

    Dream Home

    Defines the Architectural Depth of Your Home

    Interior moldings help add depth and define a room’s architectural style. The most common one you will often see in modern homes is crown moldings. This molding style is mostly seen in ceilings to cover up and add detail in between walls.

    Another variant of crown molding is called the “cove” molding. It has the same purpose but as a more curved and refined style. What’s best about cove molding is that not only it can be used for ceilings but also for stairs too. 

    We also have dentils, which are best paired with crown molding and are mostly found in historic mansions. Dentils have repetitive blocky patterns that come in a variety of designs that add texture to the crown moldings. 

    Then we have the picture rail that gives you the best of both worlds of design and function. Because aside from being a wall decor, you can also use it to hang your framed photos or artworks without the need for nails. 

    Of course, who can forget baseboards? This type of interior molding is used for trimming walls that connect the floor. Baseboards have a height of about three to five inches depending on your chosen design. Not to mention, it also comes with various types of styles too. 

    The mentioned examples are proof that interior moldings will truly define the architectural design of how you want your dream home to look. The best part? Interior moldings are pretty cheap too!

    It Attracts Guests

    If you are a family that is often visited by friends, relatives, or colleagues, having a beautiful home your guests can chill is a big plus. Then what better way to design your dream home to make it prettier is by having interior moldings. 

    Sometimes, homeowners focus too much on furniture or color accents when making or upgrading their homes. Although it’s not a bad idea to splash your rooms with your preferred color or decor, pairing these with interior moldings will make it even better.

    Don’t you just love when guests enter your home and they gasp in awe because of how beautiful it is? So if an idea comes to mind that interior molding wouldn’t make such a difference, now is the time to change your mindset.

    Think of it like your dream home is the painting and the interior moldings that surround each corner is the frame. Because if you take a look at it, these moldings actually look like frames. With its clean lines and exquisite designs, interior moldings will surely transform your dream home into a work of art. 


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