Why Are Modular Helmets Great For Your Beard?

    A motorcycle helmet is a must-have gear you should wear before riding a motorcycle. As a biker, you should know that there are certain risks involving in driving a motorcycle. And, a motorcycle is considered to be the most dangerous vehicle that occurs accidents and even death for the riders. Proper gears only can help you ignore these unwanted accidents while driving a motorcycle.

    Motorcycle helmets are of different types for different purposes. They are full face, open face, half helmet, modular helmet, and the like. A modular model helmet is nothing but a combination of full face and open face featured helmet. Buying a modular model helmet, you can get more benefits than others in the market. In short, a modular model motorcycle helmet is a hybrid production of helmets. 

    Are you struggling to wear and putting off your helmet due to your beard? A modular model helmet can help you in this situation. Not only that, it has other essential features as well to satisfy your needs. 

    If you have a full-face helmet, you might be bearing the pain of having a beard. When you put on your helmet, your beard (if they are short) pinches through the helmet’s small air circulation net. You might not have a problem until you are going to put off your helmet for specific reasons. When pulling on the helmet, your beards will pull up. It hurts you much. 

    A modular model helmet is a multi-purpose helmet

    While eating, talking, or calling someone, you have to put off the helmet if it is a full-face helmet. On the other hand, you do not need to put off your modular helmet. It features both a full face and open face helmet. You can eat and talk by pulling up the chin guard or chin bar of your modular model helmet.

    Great for your beard

    As a modular model helmet does not require to put off entirely from your head at the time of eating or talking, you should not worry about your beard. If you have a long beard, you need to use a modular helmet as an open face helmet. But make sure that you have to put down the chin guard if there blows a strong wind.

    Besides, having a soft-padded material in the chin guard, it prevents your beard from pulling them up by the helmet. You can also take advantage of a modular helmet, especially while riding. It has a visor to protect your eyes from hot sun rays.

    Comfort for both you and your beard

    A modular model helmet has a soft-padded liner in the chin guard to provide you with better support. If your beard is long, then you can get more benefits from that. The soft liner does not allow your beard to go through into it. As a result, you may not feel pain when you want to put off the helmet. 

    Having the chin bar, your beard keeps safe against the strong wind while riding a motorcycle in the rough weather. Also, there is two soft-padded chick protection that adds extra comfort to your chicks.

    Air ventilators keep your beard air-dry

    If there is no way to circulate air through your helmet, you feel uncomfortable as well as sticky inside the helmet. As a result, you sweat more than wearing other types of helmets. For better air circulation throughout the helmet, there are air ventilators just in front of your chin bar.

    Proper airflow keeps your beard in good condition. Otherwise, if there is no airflow, your sweat will make your beard sticky. The sticky beard can also be a cause of your pain while putting off the helmet. In this case, a modular model helmet does the perfect job for you. Having proper air ventilation features, a modular helmet helps your beard to keep air dry.

    It has dual protection for your eyes

    Some modular motorcycle helmet has dual protection for your eyes, especially if they are for the race. Yes, double protection features are found in motorcycle racing helmets. In this case, a modular model helmet is also before other helmets out there in the market.

    Besides, dual protection of eyes in a modular model helmet can save your most valuable organs, eyes from the stormy wind. So, investing your money in modular motorcycle helmets is wiser than to buy a full face or open face motorcycle helmet.

    Soft-padded armour inside the helmet is removable

    The clean and germ-free chin bar of a modular model helmet is also beneficial for your beard. Over times, the armour of a modular helmet becomes dirty and sticky due to your sweat and salt from the sweat. It is harmful to your beard as well.

    You should clean them regularly. As they are removable, you can remove them and wash them in the washing machine with minimal heat. Plus, you can also wash them by hands. Allow proper time to dry them thoroughly before installing them back into the helmet.

    A bit costly but suitable for your beard

    Being a hybrid model motorcycle helmet, it costs a bit more than other helmets in the market. As it is right for your beard has a few features, it mitigates the extra cost by the characteristics of a modular helmet.

    Different companies come up with the different prize and features of a modular model motorcycle helmet. You must try before buying any of them, especially if you want to buy one from the offline market. Besides, reads the reviews carefully before making any purchase.

    Final Verdict

    A modular model helmet allows you to keep your beard in good condition. It does not cause any pain while putting off the helmet. Its visor, air ventilation, chin guard etc. are excellent and play an essential role for your beard to take care of. All you need to do is to find out a modular helmet that best suit you.


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