The 8 Best Offline Apps That Will Make the Journey Easier and Even Less Boring

    Previously, travelers had to take maps to navigate in the new area and books to pass the time during the trip. But now all this can be placed on your smartphone. Many people are confused by the fact that almost all apps work online, and this does not allow you to use them whenever you want.

    But now everything is different! There is no need to spend time creating various pictures on the window or listening to the neighbor’s snoring. Here you will find a list of apps that work offline and help you brighten up the time until you reach your travel destination.

    So if you previously avoided many apps that will make travel better, then it’s time to change it.

    1. Tripit

    Love to plan your vacation carefully? Or are you one of those who often lose their documents and tickets? Then this application is your salvation.

    Now you can store all your reservations, online tickets and even documents in one place. To do this, send all the documents to the specified email in the app and you will not lose anything significant.

    By the way, you can make copies of all physical documents and save them in the same way. The app will sort all the data so that you can easily find the right document or ticket. This application has established itself among avid travelers, and from the first minutes of interaction, you will understand why.

    2. Pocket

    If you like to read online resources, then this is a great application not only for travel. You can select articles and save them for later reading. Thus, you can collect a selection of articles that you can read while traveling in the offline mode.

    You can use tags to quickly find articles that relate to the country you are traveling to. This app is suitable not only for Android and iOS but also for desktop.

    3. Google Docs (Offline Mode)

    Are you one of those who cannot spend an hour without thinking about work? Do you often collaborate with authors from the Online Writers Rating review website and look forward to getting acquainted with the finished order, but didn’t have time to do this before departure? You can do it on the go if you know how. 

    Well, most likely you know about the features of Google Docs. All you need to do is set up the ability to use the app offline. However, take care of this while the internet is available. Then you can open and create documents at any time and without the need for the Internet connection. You can find out more at

    4. Pocket Casts

    We can start with the fact that this app is free and allows you to get audio entertainment. Agree, during night flights, reading is not the best idea. But what to do?

    This application is a good alternative to reading. Of course, you can use the apps built into your gadgets, but users note that there is a little more here than in the built-in ones. Well, since it’s free, why not try it? 

    5. Quizlet

    Are you in anticipation of a long flight or waiting time at the airport? Why not spend this time to good use? Most likely you are already familiar with this application since it is extremely popular among those who love apps that help learn something new.

    With this application, you can spend time with benefit and learn a lot of new and interesting things. You do not need to take any textbooks, as you can find the necessary training materials in this app. The topics cover almost all areas, although you will be interested in learning foreign languages ​​or in mathematics. Yes, of course, this app can be used offline. The paid version will allow you to use it even in flight mode and use cards of other users.

    6. Netflix

    This is a real find for those who are a fan of TV shows. What could be better for a long trip if not your favorite Netflix? All you need is to download the video when connected to the Internet. And then you can watch this show without the Internet.

    The only thing worth paying attention to is that each download may have its own access period. After which the video will need to be downloaded again. Be sure to consider this nuance, so that later you do not discover it at the moment when you are ready to watch and the video is not available.

    7. Allergy FT

    If you are one of those who have an allergic reaction to certain products, then there is a direct need for this app. Especially if you plan to go to countries such as Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

    What is the essence of the application? The bottom line is that you can translate the name of dishes or products into 80 languages. Thus, you eliminate the risk of using the product that causes you an allergic reaction.

    8. World Clock

    This app will allow you to be aware of what is the time around the world. Many travelers do not change their clocks to local time. In order to understand what time it is now at home. But as practice shows, this causes many difficulties.

    And with this application, at any time you can check what time it is in your home country and whether it is convenient for your relatives to communicate with you. All in all, this is a very useful app for travelers.


    Have you already started downloading these apps? If not, then it’s time to start doing it! And of course, it is also worth noting the importance of offline map apps. But most likely you already understand that such applications are a real must-have on a trip. The main thing is not to forget that you will need to download maps in the presence of the Internet.

    As you know, this is not the whole list of apps that can make the trip fun. But still, do not ignore the ones that we offer in this list. They will please you with both fun pastime and their usefulness.


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