The 3 Must Have Items To Take With You When Boating

    Think about the planning that goes into a camping trip. You need some specialized gear to make it a successful trip. Now imagine that you’re going to be out on the water. And how that translates to also needing specialized gear to be safe while you are enjoying the experience. 

    In other words, you really have to plan ahead if you want to go out on a boating trip. Both to stay safe, but also to enjoy the ultimate in excursions. Being out on the water is a great way to enjoy being far away from the crowds. And leave the stress of your everyday life far behind you.

    In this article, I will go over the things that you need to bring with you so you can enjoy your boating experience. 

    1. Straps

    Everything has its place on a boat so it is really important to have a system. You can’t have anything on deck that can be tripped on or tangle your legs. This is something that you see on any boat of any size. Everything is stowed in a way that it can’t get in the way.

    Make sure that you bring plenty of straps to keep all of your gear secure. You can bundle things up and then strap them together to make space so you can move around. 

    If you have anything that requires easy and quick access, then you can also use some mini carabiners to clip things in such a way that you can unsnap them quickly. This is especially handy for safety equipment that needs to be accessed easily.

    Sailing boat looking at sunset

    2. Emergency repair items 

    If your safety plan involves not having any problems, then you may as well stay ashore. That’s because anybody who has spent time on the water knows that things happen fast on a boat. And you can find yourself in danger very quickly.

    Make sure that you have a way to repair problems as they arise. If you are on an inflatable boat, for instance, then having some patches and a repair kit with marine glue is essential. You should also have a battery charger in case your battery dies. Some extra fuel, and a tool box with tools to make any motor repairs to get you back to port.

    3. Safety gear

    You should not only have life vests on board, but you really should be wearing them at all times. If you worry about mobility while you are on board, then go with one that automatically inflates when you hit water. 

    A marine radio is essential to have to make calls to other boats and the Coast Guard. But also to receive emergency warnings. You should also have flares to signal to other boaters that you are in distress. 

    Lastly, have some floatation devices to cling to in case you get tossed overboard or the boat takes on water. It can be a raft, or a simple float that can be grabbed onto. 

    Bonus: Boating  Lights

    Boating in the early morning and evening can bring an undeniable sense of calmness and relaxation, but it can also be dangerous because of the darkness. Consider equipping your boat with marine lights to increase visibility and enhance the beauty of your vessel. Sure, cruising with the moon as your only source of light sounds romantic, but it doesn’t bode well for your safety. 


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