6 Things you Must Do when in Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu is a sacred city located in Peru. Constructed in the mid-15th Century, it was home to the Inca Civilization. Today, tourists from all walks of life visit Machu Picchu to view the vast beauty and rich culture it holds. Before heading there, it’s important to find out some of the best Machu Picchu trails you can use. There are some hidden secrets that you might not find elsewhere.

    Here are 6 things you must do when in Machu Picchu:

    1. Visit Inti Punku (The Sun Gate)

    If you’re visiting Machu Picchu, The Sun Gate is a must-see historical site that’s a favorite among most visitors. It’s a vital archaeological monument that once served as the city’s fortress. Inti Punku possesses a series of steps that essentially ushered people into the sacred Sanctuary.

    In the morning, tourists can view the sun rising magnificently over the entire Mountains. You’ll have a wildly fun time here.

    2. Check out the Temple of the Sun

    Machu Picchu harbors a plethora of cultural monuments that offer impressive sites to behold. One such monument is the Temple of the Sun. it was believed to be a chief scientific center and religious building.

    temple of the sun at machu picchu
    The ‘Temple of the Sun’ is located near s located near where the Inca emperor is believed to have resided

    The unique construction of this Temple continues to baffle archaeologists and visitors alike – every stone was polished perfectly before being laid, and an inch of space was left between joints.

    3. View the Watchman’s Hut

    Once you enter the city of Machu Picchu, you will come across a distinct stone structure popularly called the Watchman’s Hut. From here, you’re able to view the entire city. This hut sits atop a mountain range and overlooks the sacred city of Machu Picchu – it’s actually the perfect stop-over for tourists who desire to get an unmatched grand viewing of the mountains.

    The Watchman’s Hut (sometimes called the Guard House) is surrounded by beautiful sceneries, so bring your camera along to capture every magical moment you spend here.

    4. Walk to the Inca Bridge

    The illustrious Inca Drawbridge was built to provide a secret pathway that could be utilized by the Incan army whenever they entered the city. This bridge was essentially carved off a steep cliff rock. Although it mainly consists of carved stone, a small section is constructed using logs that were sometimes removed to deter the entry of unwanted visitors.

    Today, tourists are prohibited from walking along the bridge after it was deemed dangerous to stroll across.

    5. Climb the Huayna Picchu Mountain

    If you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain range, Machu Picchu offers a perfect opportunity for you to finally cross this item off your bucket list. Climbing any steep rocky formation is never a small feat. However, when you finally reach the Huayna Picchu apex, you’ll marvel at some of the most breath taking views ever witnessed.

    Don’t forget to reserve your tickets beforehand – merely 400 individuals are allowed to climb the mountain every day.

    5. Head towards the Agricultural Terraces

    The native Incas tribe that lived in Machu Picchu many years ago was quite innovative. Despite living in a steep, mountainous region with rough terrains, they adapted accordingly and built agricultural terraces that were perfect for crop cultivation. Each day, visitors head towards this serene area to take in the amazing history that lies there.

    Although there are numerous activities you can perform in Machu Picchu, these six certainly top the list.


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