5 Ultimate Travel Items

    We take a closer look at the ultimate 5 key that you need when travelling, whether it’s a road trip to Blackpool or a month in Thailand – we got you covered!


    You will most likely be travelling on your trip so you need to make sure that your phone or iPod is loaded with the latest hits. We highly recommend the Ultimate Road Trip playlist on Spotify, it’s packed full of tunes to keep you going for hours. Another great recommendation is noise Bluetooth cancelling headphones, the Sony ZX770BN help reduce ambient noise and have up to 13 hours battery life off a single charge.

    Sony ZX770BN Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

    Travel Apps

    Gone are the days when you needed a laptop or PC to book your travel. There are now apps for flights, hotels, attractions and even rare Pokémon! Everything is easily stored in them so no need to carry print outs. We recommend SkyScanner for your flights, AirBnB for your accommodation and TripAdvisor for your trip planning.


    Make sure to bring your camera to take a lot of photos so that you can remember the journey. Try and match the type of camera for your trip; if you are snorkeling in the Coral reef then you might want to look into a waterproof camera from, where as a trip to Northern lights might need something a bit more powerful. If you are looking to save, most phones are now loaded with cameras and storage capable of lasting a whole holiday.

    waterproof camera

    Local Map

    True, you could just use Google Maps but where is the fun in that? Make sure you pick up a map when you arrive at your destination. They are usually packed full of local attractions, things to see and some hidden gems.


    One thing that most people forget to do is record some of the highlights of their trip, simply spend 10 minutes at the end of each day jotting down some of the favourite things you did that day. Not only will it be helpful in sharing some of the stories when you get back home, regular writing has been proven to improve your mental health.

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