Show off Your Manliness on Your First Date With These Dining Tips

    Finally, you’re here researching after having the courage to ask that special someone to a date. First dates are ALWAYS nerve-racking. It could also become super awkward at times but it’s the sweetest when done accordingly. 

    Chances are high that you do not want the first impression of your first date to be bad. Thus, you need to make plans and ensure that you and your date will be having a good time around the clock. 

    We prepared a long list of dining tips with your first date to show off some extra ooziness of your manhood. If you are ready, then let’s get started.

    Right Place Brings in the Best Time

    Choosing the right location for your first date can set the mood of your dining date. The location you’ve chosen is an additional point up of your manliness once done properly.

    Do some research around the area and check for reviews online. You see, good food brings people together. So, take your chances.

    Also, it could be a way to make your efforts not to be in vain. Remember, you don’t want to ruin the first step of your dining date with the place you picked. When going into your designated restaurant, make sure you already made your reservations beforehand. 

    Also, choose a less rowdy place where you can enjoy an intimate time with each other and talk about various things. If your date is more of an extrovert, you may opt for crowded places with extra entertainment to make her feel more comfortable. 

    The point is, to successfully carry out your first date, carefully picking the place to stay in the best way.

    Dress to Impress

    Whether you are having a casual or formal dining experience, make sure to dress appropriately. Do not wear too many colors, you can either go for neutral colors or elegant looking ones. Never overdress, women just like men who are neat and sleek. 

    Dressing to impress is also applicable to choosing the perfect scent. Choose a perfume that will make your date remember you even after going home.

    Compliments are Simply Amusing

    Going for a date means preparing for hours just to look your best in front of your date. Dressing up is the main source of first impressions for your date. Make sure you are not overdressed or underdressed. Truth be told, how you present yourself in front of your date can already trigger a decision whether to have another one or leave the first to be the last.

    Well, as much as you would like to be complimented by how you look, it is also important to tell your date how amazing or lovely she appears to be. Not that you are forced to or it is usually the normal way of getting the conversation started, giving compliments is simply fluttering. It just shows that you are a man and in front of you is someone you are highly interested in. You never know, the lady in front of you also feels the same way about you.

    You may also give her customized pouches or gifts from a reputable stand-up pouch manufacturer. This can boost your manliness showing how thoughtful it is for you to prepare such a creative, thoughtful, and wonderful gift.

    First Date Tips

    Prepare for an Engaging Conversation

    Going out on a date with someone special to you means getting a chance to know her better. Some women prefer an interesting conversation rather than the cheesy pick-up lines, empty compliments, or failed humor. Be casual and natural about it. 

    Remember that you are talking to someone who could become your partner for life. Do not overcoat your words and be honest. Ask a question, and reply when asked. Share about anything interesting and be polite in answering. Keep the conversation equal. 

    The key point about having an engaging conversation is to get a hold of your mentality. Once you do, you will be able to control yourself and carry on throughout the night successfully. 

    Take a Look Back at Your Previous Dating Experiences

    Truthfully, to become a man is to accept one’s flaws or failures. It is morally right to learn from your past dating experiences rather than dwelling on the negativity of it. If your previous dates are somehow unkind or unfair, treat your current date with compassion. 

    If you have endured such bad dating experiences, create a way to show your best self and to put your best foot forward. Be yourself because it is being yourself that you attract genuine people to gather around you.

    Give Your Undivided Attention

    Your date is in front of you. Make sure that you keep yourself away from your phone. Leave it to silent or vibrate mode.

    Do not check your phone when you are talking to her. The greatest impression that can boost your manliness and show off to your date is by giving her your full time and attention.

    Don’t let dead air come in between. Have pauses but never for a very long time. Keep track of the time but only to send her home and not to leave her alone. If you do want to leave, politely do so. 


    Showing off your manliness on a date comes in many ways. The list above is just out of the many things you can do to optimize your dining date. First dates are usually super extra. It somehow requires more from you. 

    Get past your first date anxiety with these tips and surely you’ll be able to get that second date with your special person.


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