Mental Health is Now More Important Than Ever: Here’s Why

    For years, people have been conscious of their health. Healthy living has become a lifestyle in itself. They have begun to realize that in the kind of environment that they have created for themselves, healthy eating and living habits are absolutely essential for survival.

    Unfortunately, we are only focussing on physical health. The perspective of mental health is not taken into consideration at all. Mental illness is neglected to such an extent that it often comes to the forefront when it is too late. If you are currently struggling with your mental health, reach out to BetterHelp’s licensed mental health professionals today and see how they can help support you.

    By the time it is accepted by the individual, it has already taken deep roots in the mind of the person suffering from it. Even in today’s times, there is a stigma attached to an individual suffering from a mental illness.

    Nowadays, mental health has assumed massive proportions when the entire world is struggling with the pandemic and its repercussions on human life. It needs to be given its due importance in today’s society.

    Reasons Why Mental Health is Now More Important

    Good Vibes Only

    Maintaining a positive attitude through difficulties helps overcome the biggest of challenges. And humanity, in recent years, has not faced a bigger threat or challenge than the COVID pandemic.

    Mankind is going through a very negative phase right now, and it is a well-known fact that a negative aura breeds and attracts more negativity. A positive attitude becomes a must and for that, good mental health is required.

    Physical Health Risks

    Mental health always adversely affects physical health. It surfaces in an individual in the form of psychosomatic symptoms which gradually turn into somatic ones if not recognized at an early stage. This affects the mind, body, and the very soul of an individual.

    The way the pandemic is spreading its tentacles, the number of people who are not infected but who have come in contact with the ones who have tested positive is also increasing. This leads to a traumatic situation where either you get yourself tested or wait for the symptoms to show themselves.

    Even if there are no symptoms, one is always under the constant pressure of being an asymptomatic carrier. The stress and anxiety can cause physical risks such as a reduced immune system.

    Trauma Recovery

    The people who have tested positive for the coronavirus undergo a lot of mental stress and trauma. Coupled with the isolation that they have to go through, the quarantine period where there’s no moral support whatsoever. It becomes extremely easy for an individual to fall into a state of despair and depression which is difficult to get out of.

    The cases of suicide attempts are on a never seen before rise. This is why people are encouraged to seek professional help in such cases.

    Considering the circumstances, it’s not that easy to go out and visit one in person. Currently, there are credible options for at home psychiatric help that are easily accessible online. This is something that is essential for people who suffer from trauma as it will certainly make the healing process much more effective.

    People are looking for that one straw that will get them out of the quicksand they are being pulled into.

    Unity and Belonging

    During the lockdown periods, families have had to stay at home, locked in with each other for months together. Parents and children have been isolated together for a long time with no outside people to interact with. At times, this too gets quite stressful with members of the family getting on each others’ nerves.

    Man is a social animal. We need to be with people, talk with them, mingle with them. Social distancing and normal human behavior are two separate entities running parallel and can never meet. Now when social distancing is being forced onto us, we are quite inclined to go into a lonely phase leading to depression.

    Safety Nets

    The pandemic has led to a lot of unemployment all over the world. There is no financial security and people are going through a tough financial crisis.

    At times such as these, it becomes imperative to maintain a healthy mental balance. You need to have a balanced state of mind in order to look at alternative means of earning a livelihood.

    How to Maintain Mental during the Stressful Pandemic Times

    In order to maintain mental health, professional psychiatric help becomes mandatory. A call for psychiatric help need not be considered a blot on your personality. Remember that seeking help is not a stigma.

    Even today, people find it embarrassing to call for psychiatric help. It is equally important, if not more than physical health. People fail to realize that many times, the physical symptoms that show in their bodies are actually a reflection of poor mental health in an individual.

    The pandemic has shaken the entire world to its very core, almost bringing it to a standstill for a few months. Looking at the situation around you, it is quite obvious that mental health has taken a front seat. So follow the guidelines given, maintain a positive attitude, and stay safe, stay healthy.


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