Fitness Trends in 2017

    In 2016 we saw a big increase in wearable tech, fitness trackers and group sessions but what have the fitness trends in 2017 got in offer for us? Well, most of the same really, the main emphasis this year will be timing and people looking to fit in training around busy schedules and families. Here are some the biggest trends that we are expecting to this year.

    Track It

    Fitness trackers and smart watches saw a big boom last year, wearable tech from Apple and Samsung allowed users to sync their lifestyle with their mobile. The core functionalities are being adapted to capture more than just steps and heart rate: improved apps and syncing can now track everything from type of workout to your sleep patterns and use AI to feedback improvements.


    There has been a popular rise in the 24-hour gym and the pay as you go concept but some people just don’t like the environment. As a result, there has been a big increase in YouTube and Instagram bloggers teaching no-equipment workouts that can be modified for all abilities and places. The beauty of bodyweight exercises is that they can be done almost anywhere, saving money and time in the process. The most common of these exercises are lunges, squats, burpies and planks.


    High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a popular way to burn fat, improve endurance and build strength. It has strong connections with Cross-fit and has seen recent success due to its ability of burning calories in a short amount of time. Most gyms now offer a variety of levels of HIIT classes and along with plenty of celebrity videos and routines, there is plenty of variety. If you want to get the most out of HIIT, check out Rave Reviews for nutritional product recommendations.

    Personal Trainers

    The number of fitness professionals and advocates has spiked over the past few years, especially with the rise of celebrity statuses, social media users and the need to be healthy. People are now looking to health professionals to help improve body and mind, from diets to attitudes, these skills are increasingly in demand.

    What are your fitness goals for 2017? Did we miss anything from our list? Be sure to stay focused on your goals and check out some of the other fitness articles in our Health category including how to get over gym intimidation and looking good when working out.


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