Family Ties: Steps You Should Take When A Loved One is in Need of Help

    We’ve all been through hard times. And chances are, when you’ve been down, you may have had a friend or a loved one there to lift you up or help you get back on track. And this is what being a compassionate human being is all about.

    For all of us who are more independent or self-reliant, sometimes it might be difficult to reach out and ask for help even when you know you need it. But sometimes, it’s our own recognition of someone else in need of help that requires us to reach out and offer our assistance. 

    Anyone can take five minutes out of their day to check on a friend or a loved one. And many times, this is exactly what the people in our life need.

    If you have a loved one that you know needs help, the following situations can be resolved by using a little kindness and a lot of love.

    Elderly Care – Evaluating Your Older Adult’s Options

    We all have to grow old. And though some of us age gracefully, some of us develop medical issues later in life. Often these issues are left unchecked as many elderly males are reluctant to seek out help.

    If you have an aging parent, grandparent, or an aging friend, and you know they’re in need of assistance even with simple everyday tasks, it’s time to have a conversation about care options. And these options could include anything from assisted living to moving in with a friend or relative. Moreover, it may involve the services of CDPAP NYC — caring professionals who facilitate the enrolment of personal assistants that provide this loving care to the elderly.

    Elderly care options are always a touchy subject. And if your friends or loved ones have made their living and earned their life, they may be a bit unnerved when they begin to realize they need help to care for themselves.

    It’s also hard to have a conversation about elderly care without bringing up the possibility of staying in a nursing home. But you should explore this option while being aware that elderly abuse in nursing homes does occur across the country. While research and general awareness of the signs of elder abuse will likely keep your older adult out of abusive facilities, there are also organizations that will fight on your older adult’s behalf, should they encounter abusive conditions.

    Addiction – Beating the Beast With a Bud

    Maybe you and your friends used to hit the town every Friday night after work. And for a while, this was probably a fun time. But even though this might have been a nice social outing to pass the time, maybe you have a friend or a loved one who indulged a little too much.

    Addiction is no laughing matter, and becoming addicted to any substance can happen faster than you think. In fact, if severe enough, an addiction could last a lifetime if help isn’t sought out.

    While your friend or relative might not be actively seeking out help, if you’ve become concerned, there’s nothing wrong with starting a conversation. You might be surprised to learn that your friend or loved one was looking for help but was too proud or stubborn to ask. Or they could become upset that you’d accuse them of having a problem or needing help. 

    Regardless, reaching out and showing concern is nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s the right thing to do when you see a loved one or friend going down a dark path. 

    Family Need Help

    Depression – The Silent Killer, Unmasked

    Regardless of age or gender, people can be pretty good at masking depression. Let’s face it, none of us want to be a burden to anyone else. But sometimes, depression gets so severe that without intervention, drastic consequences can occur.

    Depression has been known to cause suicide in the worst cases, yet even mild cases of depression can bring about suicidal thoughts. 

    If any of the people in your life are suffering from depression, it’s a good idea to reach out often and to check on them frequently. You may even decide to urge them to see a counselor or a therapist, but whatever you decide, just be there for them and offer them your time and attention. 

    Our relationships and how we interact with those we love often define our personal dynamic. And it is our actions and decisions when we see those we love in times of need that matter most.


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