Diabetes in Men: Risk, Prevalence, Remedy, and Prevention

    Diabetes is one of the primary issues of many people due to its detrimental effects on the body. If left untreated, it can cause severe medical conditions, and even death. The best thing you can do to put yourself away from harm’s way is to discover what it can do to your body and what you can do to minimize its effects by learning more about the disease. 

    Fortunately, several pieces of literature already tackled issues related to diabetes in men. To save you more time and give you more straightforward details, here’s a brief information about diabetes.

    Is Diabetes More Common in Men?

    The population of the United States is recorded to have 13.8 and 17 percent diabetes in men. Moreover, a study revealed that men are more susceptible to diabetes after less relative weight gain compared to women. This study can be followed by a separate study in 2011, which mentioned that men diagnosed with diabetes were less obese than the opposite gender. 

    What’s more, men who have unique symptoms of diabetes will also likely experience erectile dysfunction and genital thrush.

    • Erectile Dysfunction. Men with diabetes are three times more likely to experience this symptom. Up to 75% also experience difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection due to various reasons related to diabetes, such as nerves and blood vessels affected by the condition.
    • Genital Thrush. This condition is a fungal yeast infection due to the excess sugar in the blood that comes from the urine. It’s because yeast thrives on sugar and can grow on your penis because of diabetes.

    Types of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a chronic illness, and it has two main types that you should be aware of. Although it generally focuses on issues related to insulin, these two are significantly different. To give you an idea, here’s a brief comparison of the two.

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Starting with the most common type of diabetes in men, the Type 2 Diabetes. It’s the kind of diabetes that’s usually diagnosed in men not younger than 45 years old. However, it’s important to note that Type 2 diabetes can also be diagnosed at any age.

    What happens in Type 2 Diabetes is that your body can’t effectively use the insulin for some reason, resulting in insulin resistance. There are still no clear reasons why a person can be diagnosed with insulin resistance, but researchers claim that a sedentary lifestyle could be a significant factor.

    Fortunately, there are different ways that you can prevent Type 2 diabetes with some intervention, prevention, and treatment. For starters, here are the risk factors to help you be more aware of where you are in the threshold.

    • Family History. If one of your family members already has Type 2 diabetes, it’s best to visit your doctor to determine your likelihood of developing the same condition.
    • Lifestyle. As mentioned, a sedentary lifestyle puts men at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, such as lots of sitting and lying down with little to no exercise. This also includes being overweight and obese.
    • Age. Men aged 35 to 54 are usually at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

    Treatment and Prevention

    The best way to combat Type 2 diabetes is to live more actively. This means indulging yourself in regular exercise and a proper and balanced diet. I

    If you’re heavier, you should prioritize losing weight healthily. If you’re feeling lost and have difficulty getting started, visiting your local gym and asking for an expert’s advice in fitness training might help you. They can help you formulate the appropriate plan for your condition and adjust them to your capabilities.

    Aside from that, you should never skip a doctor’s visit. Other patients might require special attention, and your physician can give you the proper medication for your condition, like Cozaar, that helps slow down the progression of your Type 2 diabetes. This medication can be purchased  at a more affordable price with the help of Cozaar Coupons and other discount coupons.

    Type 1 Diabetes

    This type of diabetes occurs more commonly in children and adolescents. It’s caused by an autoimmune reaction where your body attacks itself by mistake, which causes your body to stop producing insulin. 

    The immune system that protects you mistakes your pancreas as an invader. Unfortunately, no studies still help determine how to prevent or cure Type 1 Diabetes.

    The risk factors of Type 1 Diabetes include the following:

    • Family History. If anyone in your family has Type 1 Diabetes, you may be at a higher risk of acquiring the same condition.
    • Genetics. Studies have shown that people with certain genes also increase their risk of developing Type 1 Diabetes.

    Final Thoughts

    Diabetes is a very concerning disease you can develop, especially if you reach a certain age. Nonetheless, it’s not something that you can’t prevent (unless it’s Type 1 Diabetes). So, if you’re still living and kicking, it’s best to change a few things to stay healthy as you grow older.


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