8 Ways to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

    Dependence on alcohol is a problem faced by many and most of the time, people don’t know how easy it is to overcome the addiction. Alcohol dependence has a ton of negative impacts on the mind and body which is why it’s important to try to overcome this hurdle that millions worldwide face.

    Once a person develops alcohol addiction, they’ll feel the need to consume alcohol again and again. Not being able to take alcohol causes them to experience severe mood swings. In some cases, it affects them physically as well. If you or someone you know has become too reliant on alcohol, then it might be time to seek help.

    The good news is that there are a lot of ways to overcome alcohol addiction. Here are some of the tried and tested methods that people use.

    Become Active

    Alcohol can negatively affect your physical performance. However, you can use exercise and other physical activities to overcome your alcohol addiction. What you’re doing is basically sweating out the alcohol from your system, thus making your body less dependent on it.

    Aside from regular exercising, you should also participate in physical sports such as basketball, boxing, football, and many others. Not only does this help you work out the alcohol in your system, but it can also get your mind off of going to a bar to drink.

    Go To Rehab

    If you know within yourself that you’re deep into your dependence on alcohol, then it’s time to seek professional help. One of the best ways to overcome alcohol addiction is by going to rehab. A lot of people seek rehab or are suggested to get one once they reach a stage of alcohol dependence that cannot be solved by simple treatment.

    What’s great about rehab centres is that they incorporate various techniques to help a patient out. Most commonly, an alcohol rehabilitation centre incorporates psychological and medical methods to help patients get out of their dependence on alcohol. There are facilities that offer in-patient and out-patient treatments too, and you can find alcohol treatment centers Jacksonville FL right here.

    Alcohol Addiction

    Take It Slow

    A common mistake that people make when trying to overcome alcohol addiction is that they try to get through it in one go. However, this isn’t really advisable as going cold turkey has its own set of complications that often lead to returning to alcohol abuse once again. As such, going slow is often the key.

    To begin, you’ll want to begin limiting the amount of alcohol that you drink on a daily basis. If you drink 4 bottles a day, lessen it by one for a week. Once you’ve grown accustomed to it, decrease the number further. This acclimates your body into living life with lesser alcohol so it makes it easier for you to overcome the addiction.

    Tell Your Friends About Your Plan

    More often than not, you likely engage in drinking whenever you and your friends are hanging out. It will be tough to recover from your alcohol addiction if your friends are constantly pressuring you into going out to drink for a few rounds or two. That being said, you should let them know your plan.

    Politely ask your friends to help you out on your journey. Tell them to not invite you to go drinking so that you don’t get pressured into drinking. If they are really your friends, they’ll respect your decision to go sober. They’ll probably help you out too.

    Remove All Alcoholic Beverages From Your House

    It’s very easy to avoid going out to grab a drink. However, it becomes significantly harder to avoid drinking if your source of alcohol is within the house itself. Before you start your rehab journey, you should start by removing all of the alcoholic beverages in your house.

    Taking away your primary source of alcohol gives you less reason to grab a drink in the first place. Rely mostly on the water during the first weeks of your recovery. Also, drink tea every once in a while so that your body detoxifies itself and gets rid of the alcohol in your system.

    Find Support From Your Family

    Overcoming one’s alcohol addiction is not an easy journey. You’ll feel very vulnerable during this time in your life so you need all the support you can to get through alcohol detox safely. Without the right support system, getting through alcohol addiction is very hard to overcome.

    The people that will support you fully will be your family. In fact, they are some of the people who’ll actually suggest that you try to overcome your addiction in the first place. The love and support that you get from your family is a great boost to your journey towards sobriety.

    Preoccupy Yourself

    One way to get your mind out of alcohol is to preoccupy it with other matters. Pick up new hobbies, start reading a book, even start a business. This means practicing self-care measures in recovery. It can be tempting to think that self-care is for other people—those who have the energy and time to devote to themselves. But in fact, self-care is essential for anyone who wants to stay healthy and productive, whether they’re dealing with addiction or not. By keeping your mind busy, you’ll be able to think less about alcohol, and more about yourself. You might even find a means to find new success in your life.

    Alcohol addiction is partly a psychological problem. The less you think about alcohol, the less you crave it. There are a lot of benefits to getting yourself busy so try to look for other things that can help you be happier and busier.

    Have A Clear Plan

    Set a goal for yourself. For instance, make it a goal to completely stop drinking after six months of overcoming addiction. If you keep a clear plan in mind, you’ll be able to motivate yourself to become better eventually.  Keeping track of your progress helps too.

    Keep a diary of your progress so that you know whether your process is effective or not. In the beginning, your progress might seem slow but it doesn’t matter. Even if you take small steps, that’s more than enough to aid in your goal of overcoming your addiction.
    Overcoming alcohol addiction is tough but it is doable. Perhaps the best tip we can give you is that don’t pressure yourself into overcoming your problem immediately. It’s a slow process but so long as it’s effective, that’s all that matters.


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